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Professional Local Basement, Foundations, and Crawl Space Repairs in Burlington, ON

In 1974 Burlington exceeded a population of 100,000 and was incorporated as a city. The population continues to grow to date. Between the years 2001-2006 population increased by 9%. Burlington is known for its sites of interest and recreation such as the Royal Botanical Gardens which is home to the world's largest lilac collection. This designated National Historic Site of Canada features over 2,700 acres of gardens, sanctuaries, three restaurants, and a gift shop, and is host to numerous festivals.  Burlington was also once home to famous actors Jim Carrey and Ryan Gosling. Burlington is also home to the platinum-selling rock band Finger Eleven.

Burlington is known for rain, humidity, and snow, though not as much as other parts of Ontario. Still, spring rains bring melting snow. This can cause leaky and flooded basements and crawl spaces. This is where our basement waterproofing and foundation repair experts can help. 

Leading Wet Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Encapsulation in Burlington, Ontario

Installed basement wall panels in Burlington, ON

For years plumbers and waterproofers have been using outdated and inadequate methods for waterproofing Burlington basements and crawl spaces. Omni Basement Systems uses only patented and warranted waterproofing products from the Basement Systems Network that have been tested and used in thousands of homes. This ensures that we are using only waterproofing products proven by science and experience to provide permanent protection to your Burlington home from water damage, mold, and rot.

Crawl spaces tend to develop problems unique from those you might see in basement, simply because they are more prone to dampness which fosters mold growth, wood rot, and other problems. Our crawl space encapsulation system is proven to eliminate humidity and seal out moisture and bugs, leaving you with a clean, dry, healthy space. 

We Provide:
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Leak Repairs
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • World's Best Sump Pumps
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier             
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement or Crawl Space
  • Controlled Humidity
  • Mould Mitigation
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Greater Home Value
  • Peace of Mind

Proven Structural & Foundation Repair Contractor in Burlington

Cracked foundations, bowing walls, and sinking floors can be more than just a headache. Your home's structural integrity can be compromised and can be potentially unsafe for you and your family. We inspect your Burlington home, identify the foundation problem and provide warranted foundation repair products and labor. Call us today to get started.

Foundation Repair Solutions for:
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Wall Cracks
  • Settling Foundation            
We Use:
  • Wall Anchors
  • I-beam Braces
  • Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts

Expert Sump Pump Installation, Repair & Installation in Burlington, Ontario

No waterproofing job is complete without a the best sump pump systems in the industry. We can install the TripleSafe sump pump which is uniquely engineered with a primary and secondary pump as well as a third battery operated backup pump. This excellent product, combined with our drainage systems, will safely remove any water in your basement and safely deposit it away from the house, giving you the peace of mind you deserve!

Whether your Burlington basement or crawl space requires a full waterproofing job, if you just need to replace an old sump pump, or if you are looking for a sump pump battery backup, contact us for the installation, repair, or replacement of your next sump pump. Call today for a free estimate!

Before and After Pictures from Burlington

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Mike in Burlington, ON,  needed a more reliable sump pump system with a battery back-up and a sealed lid. he had the original sump pump in his pit for 20 plus years and knew he was on borrowed time. 
Mike hired Omni Basement Systems to install the new ssytem. Dustin and his crew installed the SuperSump sump pump system. The SuperSump includes  a Zoeller M63 sump pump, a water watch alrm, a sealed lid with a an air tight floor drain and the UltraSump 4 battery back up ssytem. 

Job Stories From Burlington, ON
Halton disconnect with Back Water Valve an Sump System.

David R. called and Omni Basement Systems because he found us on the vendor list for Halton Disconnect program. Fortunately, David had some work done outside and knew exactly where the weepers came into his house and connected to the floor drain and he also knew where the main drainage pipe came into the floor. 

Omni arrange to require both per,it for the sump pump and the Mainline Backwater Valve from the Halton region. This was required in order for the customer to get the rebates from the city to disconnect his weepers from the floor drain and install the Backwater valve.

On the specified production day, we installed the SuperSump along with an UltraSump battery back up system and the Mainline Backwater Valve and an inspector from the city of Burlington inspected the project.

After this was done, our customer applied for the rebate from the city. 

No Longer Worried About a Flood!

Chris P's home in Burlington, ON has a finished basement. Because there was a large amount of water pouring into the existing sump pit during heavy rains, Chris worried about waking up or coming home to a flooded, ruined basement. 

To make matters worse, the builder who installed the sump pump, didn't install the discharge line properly, so puddles usually formed around the foundation after rain storms. 

As a savvy homeowner Chris decided to be proactive and protect his basement before anything happened to it, so he called Omni Basement Systems for an estimate. 

After going through the inspection and sales visit, looking at the products and solutions that were available to him, and being given an affordable, fair price for the job, Chris knew he didn't need to call anyone else. Chris made the great decision to purchase a Triple Safe Sump Pump System, with a Battery Back-up Pumping System.  Chris is extremely satisfied with the entire experience and confident that his basement is now protected. 

"I don't go home every single night going down the stairs, checking the pump, because I know that there are two main pumps, I know there is a battery backup and I know that there is an alarm that is gonna let me know when the water is five inches from the top." 

"People can confidently put more money into their house, and into their basements, and ultimately they can do it with peace of mind knowing that everything that they put into their basement is not going to get ruined. Because there is a system in there that is not going to destroy all the hard work they put into it. " concludes Chris

Work Requests From Burlington, ON
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Foundation crack is visible from outside
Project Location: Burlington, ON
We found Leaks in basement at the bottom of the foundation from all the heavy rain. We are both shop vacing the floor on a regular basis and we need help.We need a French drain and waterproofing..Ann
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Hello, Wanted to get a quote to repair a leak in my basement. Thanks!
Project Location: Burlington, ON
We had water leakage through foundation in our basement, and need waterproofing of the exterior in that area
Project Location: Burlington, ON
During heavy rains, one window well fills from beneath with water (top of the well is covered) and this causes the window itself to leak, as well as a portion of the wall under the window. We are not completely sure of the problem but would love for someone to come out and give a professional opinion. Thank you!
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Foundation repair assessment
Project Location: Burlington, ON
I have a very active sump pump and would like to have a sealed unit installed to replace the current set-up.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Moisture at corner of inside wall foundation
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Hi. We had OMNI come by to quote us on basement waterproofing and a sump pump a few years back. We had to delay that work to do some other things but it is now back on our list of priorities. Would it be possible for someone from OMNI to come out and quote us on this work? Thanks.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Found a decent amount of water in our basement crawl space this evening
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Hi, current sump pump is over heating and running long. It is 15 years old so looking for an updated cast iron one as well as a lid that properly seals over top. Also looking for a basement dehumidifier. Thank you
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Good afternoon. We have a few problem areas in our basement where a relatively small amount of water is getting in during a significant rain like we had on June 27. We are going to be starting a large basement renovation in the next month or two and we would like to look at getting these problem areas taken care of before they are refinished. As part of the renovation we'll be exposing the majority of the interior foundation wall which may be helpful in this process depending on what you find. We're hoping we can have someone come out and assess our needs and quote on any necessary repairs so we can move forward with them as part of the renovation process.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Hello, I am looking to do a basement renovation, but need to waterproof first. I just moved into this house and I have seen leakage once in the basement during a brief, but very heavy downpour. I would need an assessment of the basement and then a quote on cost for potential waterproofing. Right now the basement has just undergone a demolition so it is in an ideal state for assessment. Thanks, Chris
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Project Location: Burlington, ON
We have a crack in our foundation at the back of the house, and when we have heavy rain it will come into the laundry room.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Crawl space is unfinished - looking to have it encapsulated and Vapor barrier, to be used for functional storage space in the basement.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Basement got flooded. Need to get it waterproofed ASAP please
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Water/leak in the basement. Past water leakage in crawlspace.
Project Location: Burlington, ON
Leak - water in the basement
Project Location: Burlington, ON
1. wetness discovered in a small basement storage area...some on the floor as well as wet insulation---after a rainfall 2. there is moisture in the cement under the basement flooring.... luxury vinyl planks are warping/buckling in places
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