Omni Basement Systems Before & After Photos

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Tight Crawlspace in Crystal Beach, ON

Michelle has a Crawlspace cottage in Crystal Beach. THe crawlspace was too tight to go into and do any work. Omni asked Michelle to open up the entire floor to have the work done. Once the plank flooring and the subfloor was removed, Omni came in and encapsulated and Insulated the crawlspace with Cleanspace 20mil liner. 
Michelle was very happy. 

Sump Pump replacement in Ridgeway, ON

Paul in Ridgeway had concerns that the current sump was not keeping up. 
David from Omni Basement Systems recommended the TripleSafe sump pump system. The triplesafe features 3 pumps(2 ACand 1 DC pumps) for the most protection.  

New Sump pump system in Ridgeway, ON

Leanne & Paul M. in Ridgeway, On thought, it was time to upgrade their current sump pump with a more reliable sealed sump pump with a battery backup sump pump. Omni recommended and installed the SuperSump Plus along with the UltraSump 4 battery backup. The Supersump features an airtight lid and floor drain, a high watch alarm, the incredible Zoeller cast iron pump, and a clean pump stand. The Plus part of the system is that it is an extra-large liner that can accommodate another pump should it be needed at a later time. 

Floor support in a Ridgeway, On crawlspace

Derek has a crawlspace in Ridgeway, ON. The floor is soft in places and un-level as well. Omni Basement Systems installed the galvanized Smartjacks and a supplemental beam to support the floor. The current supports were merely blocks that had been shimmed a multiple of times. 

Vapor barrier installed in Queenston, ON

Mary has a house with both a basement and a crawlspace. For the basement, see the photo album. 
The crawlspace was repaired by Omni Basement systems with a vapor barrier called Cleanspace. The Cleanspace liner is 20 mil thick and has a7 layers. One of the layers has a product called Ultrfresh that inhibits mold growth. 

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