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How do I find where a wall crack is in a finished basement

Most wall cracks are visible outside at the part of the foundation that is exposed above the ground. Also, one of the most common places for wall cracks to develop are bottom corners of windows and where the main beams sit in the foundation called beam pockets. 

Should I have a backup on my sump pump?

Back up systems are very important. In the event that your power is out or your main pump fails, a back up maybe the only thing that saves you from a flood in your basement. A high water alarm is also very important to let you know if the water is about to reach the top of your sump system. 

Why are sump pumps needed?

Sump pumps remove water from under your basement floor slab to help reduce the risk of flooding. In a lot of cases your weepers come under your floor and into the sump pit to be pumped away from your home. Your protection from a flooded basement relies on having a good quality sump pump and maintaining the pump and the pit from debris or mud.

How does interior drainage systems affect my block wall long term?

When an interior drainage system is installed properly by trained professionals, the Blocks are all drained permantly by drilling holes into the cavity aloowing water trapped inside the block cavity to drain out into the system. Thse weep holes are then covered by some kind of attached wall membrane that guides the water down to the drainage system. This will preserve the blocks by not allowing water to sit in the cavity. Also the blocks themselves dry out,  stopping the transer of moisture to the finished wall in front. 

Why does my basement smell musty in the summer

When the weather gets warmer in the summer, the warm air can hold more moisture than cooler air. During the hotter season it is more important to use a quality dehumidifier to keep humidity level below the 60% relative humidity so not allow mold to grow which will give off an odour. Omni Basement sysytems offers a quality dehumidification system that is energy star rated and has a great in home warantee. 

Does a crawl space need a vapor barrier?

It is important to separate the ground from the crawlspace airspace. The is constant moisture coming up from the ground which will cause mold on your building materials and an unhealthy environment. Venting the crawlspace is not the answer. this will bring in cold damp air from the surface outside into the crawlspace .

What causes foundation cracks in cement walls?

Many conditions can cause foundation cracks. Hot and cold seasons are the most common but also soil conditions, poor concrete. foundation settlement and stress points in the concrete at corner of windows or beam pockets.

Will the waterproofing team check if there is foundation problem?

The waterproofing team will look for wall cracks which are evidence of bowing walls or other problems such as settlement in the foundation.

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