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After a recent heavy storm, Shirley C.'s basement was completely under water. "Water was coming in like Niagara Falls," she lamented. She couldn't handle another basement flood and she knew she had to do something right away.That is when she called Omni Basement Systems. Omni Basement Systems is Greater Hamilton's premier basement waterproofing company, offering over 28 exclusive, patented products to custom design a solution for every type of wet basement problem. The system design specialist came to Shirley's home, inspected the basement and explained to her what her options were to fix the problem. She opted for having a full WaterGuard, internal perimeter drainage system installed and a powerful sump pump system to pump and discharge the water as far away from the house as possible. Shirley was very impressed with the whole process. From inspection and sales, to completion, she was treated in an exceptionally courteous manner by the whole team. The job was performed with care, extreme attention to detail and excellent workmanship. "He treated me like royalty...that is what he did!" says Shirley of her design specialist. "And the crew worked just as hard as he did!". Shirley no longer worries about her basement flooding every time it rains. She knows her basement will be dry and healthy for as long as her house stands, thanks to the periodic maintenance service program and the Transferable Lifetime Warranty from Omni Basement Systems. If your basement is flooding, leaking or has mould or musty smells, Omni Basement Systems can help. Call for a FREE, in-home inspection and estimate and learn how Omni Basement Systems can keep your basement dry... all the time!
Shirley C. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, November 12th
Our crew went to the beautiful Vinifera Bed & Breakfast to help solve their leaky basement issue once and for all!
Ron & Barb v. of Grimsby, ON
Wednesday, March 7th
The basement in Tina H.'s Stoney Creek, ON home was built with stone and it has been relatively dry until a couple of years ago when she began to notice some water trickling in through the south wall. At the time they intended to put the house for sale so they knew it would be a good idea to address the basement seepage problem to make the home more appealing to prospective buyers.  Tina chose Omni Basement Systems for the job for a number of reasons. She liked the idea of a drainage system that could be installed from the inside of the basement. There would be no need to dig out the foundation to install conventional weeping tiles. She also liked the idea of covering the irregular walls with CleanSpace which has a built in antimicrobial layer to prevent mold growth -- but most of all she loved the TripleSafe Sump Pump System. "The pump is actually so quiet there were times when we were wondering whether it was even working!" - she explains.Tina is very happy with the experience and the results. The basement looks brighter and it's been completely dry ever since.
Tina H. of Stony Creek, ON
"We're very happy. Anytime we hear about someone having problems with their basement, we will say 'Go to Omni'!" The basement in Ray B.'s Oakland, ON had a strong ammonia odor, which for a while they credited to the fact that they kept their cat's litter box there. The odor however kept getting stronger no matter how often they cleaned the kitty litter, so it occurred to them that the source could be something else: mold.  Sure enough, after inspecting the basement Ray and his wife did find mold hidden behind a finished wall around a leaky basement window, the books in a shelf that was leaning against it and the carpet underneath. After removing all the moldy materials from the basement, Ray decided to look over the internet for a company to fix the moisture and mold problem. That is how they found Omni Basement Systems. After the inspection visit and written estimate, Ray knew Omni was the right company for the job. Not only the price was much more affordable, but the solutions proposed and products installed for the price made much more sense to him, compared to the competition. 
Ray B. of Oakland, ON
Customer with a dirt crawl space that was infested with insects and critters
Tom B. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Customer with water coming through the foundation walls
Heather M. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Customer with water leaking into her basement from the walls
Ellen J. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Customer with puddles of water in his basement from leaking walls
Dan H. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Customer With a Basement that Flooded Over 3 Times
Brian M. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Customer with musty and moldy smelling basement
Al C. of Hamilton, ON
Monday, July 9th
Every single time it rained, Elfie's basement would flood. Not only was this a strain on her and her family but it was a strain on her bank account, cleaning and drying after even the slightest storm. After having a perimeter drain system installed- complete with sump pump system- Elfie has had no reported leakage problems, dampness or flooding in her basement. A Basement Systems drain, installed with a connected sump pump system, is one of the most effective and efficient ways to prevent your basement from being over-run by water. The drain collects the water and channels it to the pump where it is moved out and away from your house, preventing the water from reentering. Omni Basement Systems has won numerous national awards and has been recognized for its outstanding customer relations and product line. Our own patented WaterGuard and DryTrak systems come with lifetime warranties that are transferrable if the house is ever sold. Contact Omni Basement Systems today for a FREE waterproofing estimate.
Elfie F. of Hamilton, ON
Being constructed below ground level, basements and crawl spaces are subject to water leaking and damage more often than other parts of your home. This constant infiltration can cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars in clean-up and repair costs. Tony had spent an abundance of money on refinishing his leaky basement with no end to the problem...until he contacted Omni Basement Systems. After installing a drainage system, Tony had a sump pump system put in to further keep his basement dry. By spending a little money now on a full drainage system, you can easily make that money back in the future in not repeatedly spending money on cleaning costs and rebuilding damaged walls and flooring. The installation now will also last for years and is guaranteed in writing. Call now to ensure a drier future. Contact Omni Basement Systems for a FREE estimate. We are the premiere basement and crawl space waterproofing contractor in Ontario. We proudly serve the greater Hamilton area and all surrounding towns in our service area.
Tony V. of Hamilton, ON
  A very common area for water to enter into a basement is the basement window. Even if the window is closed tight, water can still leak in around the outside of the window if it is not sealed or is lined with weather stripping properly. Tom had this problem as well as water leaking in at the floor/wall juncture.   By sealing the windows and not allowing water to come in and installing a perimeter drain system around the outer edge of the basement (where the water was coming in), Omni Basement solved Tom’s water problems.   There are many areas where water can enter a basement. Some are obvious and some are much more subtle. Only a trained professional like the ones at Omni Basement knows them all and can educate you on the ones that may be troubling you…and what can be done to stop them.   In order to set up a meeting with one of our skilled experts for your FREE waterproofing estimate and price quote, simply call us and talk to one of our trained assistants. Call today and be worry-free tomorrow!
Tom S. of Hamilton, ON
Tom and Norma were experiencing a common cause of water infiltration in basements; hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when outside soil pushes in on water resting or pooling along the outside of a homes foundation. The pressure becomes so great that it forces water through the porous concrete blocks or the cement walls of your foundation and into your basement. The WaterGuard system of drains that Omni Basement uses exclusively, have a 3/8" lip that extends upwards to collect any moisture that may leak in and run down the foundation wall. That water is then channeled through the drains into a sump pump that sends the water out of your basement. Each Basement Systems dealer has a number of options of drain systems in their quiver of installations. Each one a bit different than the other, to work the best in each different scenario. That attention to detail and not subscribing to the "one size fits all" mentality that many contractors adhere to, sets Basement Systems companies like Omni Basements apart from and above the rest. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your FREE at home estimate.
Tom & Norma B. of Hamilton, ON
Paul and Paula had a persistent water problem in their basement. One of their options was to either place an exterior drainage system around their foundation or to waterproof the exterior foundation walls with a water-resistant coating; both common remedies offered by other contractors. In order to perform either of those installations, the entire outside area around their house would have had to be excavated, removing all trees, sidewalks, driveways, shrubbery, porches and patios. A better way to go is the direction they ended up going in; an interior perimeter system with Omni Basement. Omni Basement installs interior perimeter drains because they are more effective in collecting and moving water and they don't require any disruption to your yard in order to be installed. By using Omni Basement you are ensuring that your basement or crawl space will be inspected by professional and fixed by professional with the utmost concern for the outcome and your happiness with the job. Call for your FREE estimate. There is no obligation to buy.
Paul & Paula D. of Hamilton, ON
Very good experience!
Gord S. of Crystal Beach, ON
Thursday, March 25th
I was very impressed with everything but when the one fellow stopped to wipe water from their boots on my landing I was so impressed
Darlene G. of Ridgeway, ON
Friday, March 16th
You should be proud of your install crew and your salesman Todd. They were very professional and did n excellent job.
Ron S. of Ridgeway, ON
Friday, March 16th
Thank you very much for doing this job right away. My renovation man was not delayed in any way. Also our plumber is very impressed with the waterproofing systems. Thanks.
Paul &. of Fort Erie, ON
Thursday, June 15th
Your entire organization deserves to be commended for the professionalism displayed throughout the process. Every person that I interacted from Omni was impressively thorough, helpful and professional – from Mark who did the assessment to Pete who followed up, to Ryan and Shea who conducted the work. I have already referred Omni to two of my neighbors who require new sump pumps and I hope that they decide to call. They won’t be disappointed. In this day and age where everyone claims to put the customer first, you actually delivered, and you should be really proud of how well every member of the team does their job. Excellent work!"
Tracey H. of Fort Erie, ON
Friday, June 23rd
The guys did a very good job and they were very nice and respectful while on the job.
Len D. of Fort Erie, ON
Wednesday, May 14th
Basement water proofing and structural damage I contacted Omni in June for a leaky basement. What we thought would be a easy fix turned out to be quite extensive. We needed structural supports since our basement is block, plus the waterproofing. They worked with us getting it all set up to have it fixed. The guys that worked here were professional hard working men. I’m amazed at what they accomplished in 5 days. From June 9th when Phil first came to July 30 when they finished the project. I am very happy with the time frame and the work. Did it cost more than we thought? Yes it certainly did, but well worth the money to see the finished product. I have even talked to a couple guys now that it’s done, they called to see how satisfied I am.
Wendy L. of Stevensville, ON
Friday, August 13th
Product and warranty
William C. of Wainfleet, ON
Thursday, April 20th
Testimonial Photo by Matt L.
Great work! Professional service! The service team was clean, courteous, and professional. The work done to seal and insulate my crawl space and basement was outstanding. The system completely changed the environment inside my house. It is worth noting that the team was very aware of covid restrictions and made us feel comfortable with their level of awareness and protection.
Matt L. of Port Colborne, ON
Thursday, July 8th
Very thorough.  Very satisfied with the job,and now my home feels more energy efficent, no more crawl space smell.  AC seems to be cool the home more too!
Carl and Sandy of Port Colborne, ON
Thursday, June 22nd
Testimonial Photo by Larry B.
Highly recommend Omni Basement Systems, excellent crew, efficient, polite, well maintained. Crew worked hard and got job jobs completed in 6 days.
Larry B. of Welland, ON
Thursday, July 7th
Testimonial Photo by Joan C.
Basement inside waterproofing and sump pump installed The cost was higher than the other estimates but this company made sure they understood what we wanted and did not try to tell us what we wanted. They took their time to listen to our concerns as well as answer all of our questions. The sales representative, the office staff, and the installers were all wonderful. We do not have a single complaint from start to finish.
Joan C. of Welland, ON
Tuesday, November 24th
Excellent clean-up and great overall job.  They explained what they were doing and very professional on the job.
Bill of Welland, ON
Tuesday, November 29th
Testimonial Photo by Dave K.
Great Service Needed to get a dehumidifier installed. The ordering process was easy and the installation was done according to the on-site specification, even going as far as taking apart one of the HVAC ducts to make enough room to squeeze the unit into its final position. The ducting was done cleanly. No complaints really, the unit is working as advertised and I'm satisfied with the overall process.
Dave K. of Welland, ON
Monday, July 11th
Testimonial Photo by Karina G.
SuperSump installation We did call Omni basement to change our sumpump. They did an amazing job in our basement. Really professional.
Karina G. of Welland, ON
Wednesday, September 22nd
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