Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Burlington, ON
Vicinity of Pomona Ave in Burlington
The basement in my new house is below the water table. I would like to waterproof the floor before pouring the basement slab.
Vicinity of Centennial Drive, in Burlington
Water coming through the basement floor.
Vicinity of Butternut Cres in Burlington
Leak in basement. We broke the drywall and believe there is a crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of Rubens Crt. in Burlington
My basement drain is backing up with all this rain
Vicinity of Greenwood Pl in Burlington
We are getting water in one corner of our basement.
Vicinity of Meadowhill Rd. in Burlington
Basement and crawlspace block foundation moisture issues.
Vicinity of Long Drive in Burlington
I have a crack in the foundation ..... water has leaked in. Need it repaired. Want to make sure the foundation is sound.
Vicinity of Sealey Cres in Burlington
Small crack in foundation wall in basement that leaks water when there is a heavy rain.
Vicinity of Hannibal Road in Burlington
Just bought a house. One corner of the garage is noticeably lower than the rest of the garage.
Vicinity of Forest Grove Crescent in Burlington
Sump pump needs to be redone. Musty/mouldy smelling basement but no clear signs of water entry
Vicinity of New St. in Burlington
Leak in basement foundation
Vicinity of Simpson Drive in Burlington
Basement foundation repair - two sections
Vicinity of Dynes Rd in Burlington
Basement leaks in spring - would like to get it looked at before the next large rain storm
Vicinity of Ingram Common in Burlington
Clean crawlspace
Vicinity of Rubens Court in Burlington
We have a crack in our basement (in laundry room- concrete wall directly accessible) that we like sealed - -from the inside
Vicinity of Cline St. in Burlington
With the recent heavy rainstorms, my sump pump was working well but I am concerned about longterm reliability (pump is ~9 yrs old builder grade). I am seeking a high-quality pump with secondary pump backup as well as a battery backup system. Please also quote (separately) for a sewer backflow prevention valve.
Vicinity of Scholars Common in Burlington
Foundation crack in bottom corner of basement wall.
Vicinity of First Street in Burlington
Water periodically found in different areas of the basement
Vicinity of Sundial Road in Burlington
May have a wet basement
Vicinity of Avondale Crt in Burlington
We currently have a gravity system in our sump tank that drains into a city line, but want to put a automatic pump backup in case the city line gets backed up
Vicinity of Country Club Drive in Burlington
Hello, We have a hairline crack in our concrete foundation (furnace room) that runs from the window well to the floor - fully accessible from inside and outside - we are looking to have epoxy injection over the next couple of weeks and are looking for estimates. Thanks, Stephen
Vicinity of Dequincy Cres in Burlington
Water in the basement after last 2 big rain falls. Concentrated in 1 area.
Vicinity of Enfield Road in Burlington
I have moisture behind one of my walls which is below grade. The insulation itself is dry, but the drywall is every so slightly damp. The current source of the water intrusion is undetermined.
Vicinity of Consort Crescent in Burlington
I would like to have my downspout disconnected and have a backup power system installed for my sump pump. I live in Halton Region and am eligible for the flood prevention subsidies.
Vicinity of Fisher Ave in Burlington
We have water coming into our cold cellar/front porch during heavy rain/spring thaw.
Vicinity of Ellengale Road in Burlington
Damp in certain walls in the basement
Vicinity of Bunton Crescent in Burlington
Looking for an estimate for battery back up sump pump and installation in our basement. Main pump is working at the moment but would like to get a backup pump installed.
Vicinity of Four Seasons Dr in Burlington
Hi, we have a basement crack, and we would like to have a quote to repair it.
Vicinity of Orchard Road, in Burlington
Interested in a quotation for installation of a battery back-up system to existing sump pump.
Vicinity of Carousel Crt in Burlington
Last spring had significant water leak in finished basement, in the fall had a company come and seal rear foundation wall. this spring, couple weeks ago, had another small leak. cannot get any response from original company. Had previously thought about sum pump, but was told the leak repair most likely would solve leak. not sure now if a sum pump would fix anything...just not sure what to do.
Vicinity of Cedar Ave in Burlington
Hey there Wanted to get an estimate for a battery backup sump pump. It's a precautionary measure I want to have in place
Vicinity of in Burlington
Looking for a quote on a project I am planning?
Vicinity of Locust St in Burlington
I have a sump pump that I want to protect with a battery back up. Need to understand options.
Vicinity of Joyce St in Burlington
Basement efflorescence and smell. Thinking a French drain and sumppump. Would like to know if any of the work.is covered by Halton subsidy.
Vicinity of Ester Drive in Burlington
Basement wall has some moisture
Vicinity of Autumn Hill in Burlington
Hi there, New house, previously patched basement corner is letting in some water with lots of rain and snow melt. Looking for an estimate on getting it tidied up.
Vicinity of Ellengale Rd in Burlington
I have a leakage in the basement.
Vicinity of Peter Drive in Burlington
Where the rebarbs are located in our basement walk we are experiencing water coming in .
Vicinity of Unsworth Avenue in Burlington
Interested in unfinished basement waterproofing ASAP. Thanks!
Vicinity of Middlesmoor Crescent in Burlington
Our carpet in the basement is soaking wet and we suspect it's coming from the foundation but we really don't know. There was a heavy storm the past few days.
Vicinity of Chercover Crt in Burlington
With the ice storm my sump pump was going off every 30 seconds. My house had power but a lot of people didn't. It made me realize if the power was out in my house the basement would have flooded. I'm interested in a battery back up system
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Avenue in Burlington
Our sump pump is struggling. It turns on, but doesn't remove any water. Also, we have 2 small leaks in the basement.
Vicinity of Orchard Road in Burlington
I bought my house about a year ago in Burlington . My inspection report prior to close the purchase had a recommendation to get a full service checkout and if possible replacement for the actual sump pump within a year from my moving day . Thanks for contacting me at the numbers provided
Vicinity of Alder Drive in Burlington
To assess damage in the foundation around the outside of the house. Thank you.
Vicinity of Brookfield in Burlington
I have water that comes up thru basement floors, no sump pump, also seeps in thru side walls.
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Ave in Burlington
Pump is approx 15yrs old and noticing odour coming from the pump closet. Would like to explore a sealed pump/pit as a replacement.
Vicinity of Mainway in Burlington
Basement leak in commercial property where irrigation pipe exits thru concrete basement wall.
Vicinity of Spruce Avenue in Burlington
I have a leak in my crawl space
Vicinity of Edgebank Court in Burlington
We have a leak in our Basement and need to get it fixed.
Vicinity of Sinclair Cir in Burlington
Our basement flooded in 2013. The problem was/is an ineffective design of, and damage to the drain system in the basement. We would like to solve the problem before a flooding situation arises again.
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in Burlington
Water coming up from floor in basement
Vicinity of Winston Rd in Burlington
Leak coming from basement foundation wall in possibly 2 spots.
Vicinity of Dundas Street in Burlington
Leaky basement foundation.
Vicinity of Tanager Ave in Burlington
Small leakage on one side of house . In 2 spots
Vicinity of Newlands Cres in Burlington
Vicinity of Sable Dr in Burlington
We have two cracks in our foundation that have been fixed previously by another service provider. These have reopened and leaked into the basement.
Vicinity of Larkspur Lane in Burlington
I have an inch of ice in my garage currently thanks to a crack in the foundation that comes right through the wall. I'd like to get a quote on repairing the crack.
Vicinity of Bianca Forest Dr in Burlington
There is some water pooling in a finished basement in one area. The area was repaired approx 10/11 years ago with epoxy/drilled in an area when basement being completed. Now it's resurfacing and want it repaired.
Vicinity of Lorne Street in Burlington
We have water seeping into the basement. Happened twice in a year and a half.
Vicinity of Nathaniel Cres. in Burlington
Hi. We have a large crack in our basement wall. Poured concrete.
Vicinity of North Shore Blvd East in Burlington
Drainage issues around the exterior of the house to be extended AWAY from the house.....is this something you do? I can send you photos
Vicinity of Limerick Rd in Burlington
Vicinity of Schueller Cres in Burlington
Getting water in the laundry room but it is coming down the wall in the other room and running under the floor boards. Would like to have the crawl space and the foundation checked as well.
Vicinity of Stephenson Dr. in Burlington
Ugly basement walls...mostly unfinished. I'd like advice on what could be done.
Vicinity of Appleby Line in Burlington
There is a crack in our block foundation that has caused some water damage to the inside wall. The crack can be seen in the foundation at grade and appears inside, where we have pulled back some of the crumbling drywall. I have a number of pictures I can send
Vicinity of Tyandaga Park Drive in Burlington
Moved into new place and home inspector identified issues with structure. Looking for a estimate of all work required and cost.
Vicinity of SILVERBIRCH CRT in Burlington
Vicinity of Danforth Ave. in Burlington
A section of basement block wall well leaks if water runs down the block. ie-leaky garden hose. Normal rain, even heavy rain, no leak.
Vicinity of Romanwood Cres in Burlington
We are looking to have new rug put into our basement but have concerns about whats happening with the floor under our existing rug. Raised spots have come up under the rug and we'd like to have someone come look to see whats going on underneath and how we can fix it before getting new rug. Thank you
Vicinity of Thomas Alton Blvd in Burlington
The sump pump in the basement is a basic builder instalation but has served well for over 10 years. We would like to replace it
Vicinity of Jenn Ave in Burlington
Leak in the basement after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Kingsway Drive in Burlington
Basement water leak
Vicinity of Plains Rd West in Burlington
Crawl space odour and mould
Vicinity of Rexway Drive in Burlington
1. Water leaking in corner of basement from about 2-3' below ground level to about 6'. 2. Two concrete slabs around pool area have sunk approx. 2-3 "..solution may be to break and replace 3. Water trench to be installed between pool and house as concrete is now slanted towards the house and needs to be redirected so water does not continue to enter into the basement.
Vicinity of Cardinal Avenue in Burlington
New purchase of an older (1950's) house. Before we finish the basement we think we need to waterproof the foundation walls. Would like an opinion and an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Medland Dr. in Burlington
Crack in the basement foundation is letting some water in during the snow melt. Would like an estimate to repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Juniper Ave in Burlington
Early 70's home with a recent leak in basement one wall always appears to be wet
Vicinity of Torrance Street in Burlington
We have a sump pump which failed on us and we had a flooded basement. We have a new sump pump installed but would like to get a backup system in place so we don't have the same problem again. I'd like someone to come and look at what we have and provide an estimate for what we can put in as a back up system.
Vicinity of Joyce St in Burlington
Back side of basement, block foundation, had signs of water damage. Room is exposed.
Vicinity of Tipperary Ave in Burlington
Vicinity of Maryvale Court in Burlington
Looking to install a sump pump in our basement.
Vicinity of Tecumseh Dr. in Burlington
Vertical crack in poured foundation. Leaks during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Poplar Drive in Burlington
Vicinity of Camborne Cres in Burlington
Needcrawlspace sprayed
Vicinity of Spruce Ave in Burlington
In the process of waterproofing my basemen. Will be excavating 3 sides of the house. Would like to install sump pump and backflow valve. Also potentially rough in basement bathroom.
Vicinity of Redwood Place in Burlington
When it rains water is coming in between the concrete and the top plate.
Vicinity of Nora Drive in Burlington
13 year old house with French drain system. Found a large deep hole under river rock on back corner of house near a downspout that funnels into backyard French drain. With rain, water filled hole and also moved around the back corner to the back of house with water to surface of ground. We are seniors and worried about water next to house wall.
Vicinity of Overton Drive in Burlington
Leaky drain stack in furnace room likely caused by poor installation. Also, the floor matt in the cold storage room is wet but could not findo a cause for this.
Vicinity of Condor Drive in Burlington
I think the outside corner of my garage has some foundation subsidence
Vicinity of Featherstone in Burlington
Our basement is leaking and we need to repair it.
Vicinity of Mathewman Cres in Burlington
Sump pump stopped working - flood in basement
Vicinity of Seneca Ave in Burlington
I'm looking to replace the outdoor water plumbing for my sumo pit. Interested in your ice guard and lawn product.
Vicinity of Riley Avenue in Burlington
I have two vertical cracks in the foundation approx 6ft in length, I was wondering how much it would be to inject sealant in both
Vicinity of Drury Lane in Burlington
I am looking for an estimate for my leaking basement
Vicinity of Treeland Street in Burlington
Crawlspace leak. Looking to get a quote.
Vicinity of Whittaker Drive in Burlington
I have a leak in my basement. Someone fix the foundation internally but it is still leaking.
Vicinity of Carol St. in Burlington
The sump pump I currently have is no longer working.
Vicinity of Seneca Ave in Burlington
I wish to have a backup sump pump installed
Vicinity of Lakeshore Rd in Burlington
Wet basement in work shop, 42 linear feet of wall, existing sump is at end of the 42'
Vicinity of in Burlington
Vicinity of Thomas Ct. in Burlington
We have a water leak in our basement coming in on and of for the last three- four years. Fortunately, it is in the laundry room and the water runs directly into the floor drain. However, we would like to fix it this spring or summer. Could you please send one of your estimators to inspect and provide us with an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Hazelwood Ave in Burlington
We have a crack in our foundation - there is some water leaking through the crack
Vicinity of Montrose Cr in Burlington
Need a quote to fix a basement leak....20 year old house...unfinished basement leaks at one spot when it rains.
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Ave in Burlington
Leaky foundation, water coming in basement in one area
Vicinity of Mount Nemo Cr in Burlington
Sump pump running frequently now that snow is melting
Vicinity of Sutton Drive in Burlington
We are currently looking to replace our current (single) AC sump pump with something that also includes a battery backup system, or even the Triple Pump system you guys advertise. I would like to have someone come out to give us a free estimate.
Vicinity of Blue Spruce Avenue in Burlington
...looking to get a reliable sump pump solution to replace my builder installed model.
Vicinity of Maple Ave in Burlington
I'm looking for an estimate for a backup system for an existing basement sump pump
Vicinity of in Burlington
Replace an existing submerged pump which works a lot in spring and over winter. Home is 10 yrs old and has a finished basement with no history of water problems to date.
Vicinity of Mountain Grove Ave in Burlington
Looking for a quote on basement moisture and possible foundation leak/cracks in two areas. No actual flooding but two sections of the walls have swelled with moisture and we opened up one wall and there is some mold on wood but its not deep.
Vicinity of Overton Drive in Burlington
Basement Foundation - 2 vertical wall cracks roughly 12 ft apart. 1 of the cracks has a dried mud stream from the crack to the floor and a small dried puddle mark of brown liquid. The other crack also has a leak mark with puddle mark on the floor however not brown like the first crack.
Vicinity of Blanshard Dr. in Burlington
I have 3 steel reinforced rods that were removed after my house was built that were not filled in completely after they were removed from the foundation. One of them is leaking and I need them filled. Can you give me a free estimate and let me know when you are available to do the work? Thank You, Robert Arbour Cell if needed
Vicinity of Brady Avenue in Burlington
On Thursday Aug 25 the heavy thunderstorm resulted in one of my basement room carpets becoming soaked. Walls are dry and no window open. The carpet extends from an outside facing wall. Had a contractor come in and he just scanned the wall with a meter and looked at a crack outside and tell me it is my foundation. I want to know for sure and then what my options are
Vicinity of Cardiff Crescent in Burlington
We have water coming into our basement - we noticed after the rain on Thursday. We are not sure where it is coming in.
Vicinity of Shepherd's Dr in Burlington
Foundation leak in the basement at the side of the house We had the front and part of the side done a year ago, they didn't go back far enough. We would like to have someone come and have a look and give us an estimate. Thank you
Vicinity of Ghent Ave in Burlington
Basement waterproofing estimate Basement crawl space assessment. Already put spray insulation over foundation cracks and plastic cover over dirt floor.
Vicinity of Claridge Road, in Burlington
Cracked corner wall in basement cracked side wall basement
Vicinity of Glover Lane in Burlington
There is a crack outside of the house in the foundation structure. It has been there for many years. I just moved in a couple of months ago. So far I haven't found water leaking into the basement. But I want to have it fixed before winter. Could you give me a quote for fixing it? Thank you very much.
Vicinity of Linwood Cres in Burlington
Crawl space needs to be re-insulated with proper vapor barriers and a storage area in the basement has a foul odor. I would like to get an estimate to correct it. Thank you
Vicinity of Maclaren Drive in Burlington
Exterior waterproofing to repair existing cracks, possible 2 window well installations, investigate installation of sump pump. Drainage issues on 2 sides of the house.
Vicinity of Montego Crescent in Burlington
- I am looking for a quote for basement waterproofing (weeping tile), we currently have two leaks that are causing moisture in our basement
Vicinity of Mullin Way in Burlington
We purchased our house in November, and during the home inspection a minor foundation crack was revealed. There is no leaking currently inside the house - we are looking to get a quote to seal the crack. Looking forward to hearing from you soon, thanks.
Vicinity of Northview Cres in Burlington
Foundation repair/support
Vicinity of Britannia Road in Burlington
We have a leak in our basement.
Vicinity of Millcroft Park Dr in Burlington
Evidence of previous water seepage in poured concrete foundation. Looking for estimate to fix
Vicinity of Carol St. in Burlington
I have a submersible sump pump that will not work automatically. I need to manually turn on the pump to make it run. I would like to also install a backup for it.
Vicinity of Longmoor Dr. in Burlington
-have a block foundation -moisture at corner of house (in crawl space) - had one puddle
Vicinity of Tavistock Drive in Burlington
Multiple leaks in basement. Basement drain is starting to overflow.
Vicinity of Meadowhill Rd in Burlington
We purchased our home in Burlington 11 yrs ago and the home has an addition off of the back of it where the crawl space is closed in and not accessible. We learned from the previous owner that the addition was built on footings. The issues that we have been experiencing the last several years are: 1) cold air coming up through the floor (poor insulation?) 2) we think odours in the house are originating from under the addition 3) No HVAC cold air return 4) crawl space is not vented at all - totally closed in
Vicinity of Bevan Drive in Burlington
We recently had a sewage back up in our basement and we are looking to install a backwater valve and/or explore what other options are available to us. Also, we have had very minimal seepage through the wall in one part of the basement during the Spring and would like to know what we can do in that case as well. I would prefer to be contacted via email if possible. Thank you!
Vicinity of Dewbourne Crescent in Burlington
Hello, I have a vertical crack in my foundation wall in the basement. In the late 80's early 90's, the original home owner had it repaired and appears to be a combination of mastic repair and injections. At the base of the crack, the repair seems to have cracked itself (8th of an inch in width) and recently water has been entering in on heavy rain days. Foundation walls are poured concrete. Thanks
Vicinity of Bentworth Drive in Burlington
I have a crack in the foundation of the basement which moves my widow frame. I want a price to repair it
Vicinity of Page Crescent in Burlington
Hello ... my house is about 10 years old and we have not ever had a sub pump service and thought it might be a good idea ...also wondering if a battery back up would be a good idea (?) Thank you in advance
Vicinity of Melissa Cres in Burlington
Because of heavy rain today we noticed leak from the side wall in our basement. would like someone to come, assess and quote.
Vicinity of Prospect Street in Burlington
Wet wood and drywall found in corner of basement. Only 1x2 on floor wet and mold found on drywall but only one small area and 12 inches up from floor. Area is at corner of house where downspout for eves is located and where neighbour piled her snow this winter. brinks damp but no visible water.
Vicinity of Taywood Drive in Burlington
Would like to install a sump pump back-up system (battery and secondary pump)
Vicinity of Bevan Dr in Burlington
We'd like to know what's involved and costs associated with waterproofing our 1960's built concrete block foundation home. Moisture regularly is present.
Vicinity of Cedarbrook Cres in Burlington
Need sub pump immediately.
Vicinity of Wicklow Road in Burlington
Wet wall or water seepage through concrete block during heaving rains along one basement wall.
Vicinity of Auckland Drive in Burlington
Original owners...have lived in house for 12 years...on our 3rd sump pump...need a good solution. Please help, Jen
Vicinity of Walnut Crest in Burlington
Would like to have a sump pump installed
Vicinity of Cottonwood Drive in Burlington
We have a brand new Flotec Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump in our home. (Model E100ELT) We would like a quote for a battery back up sump pump please. Thanks.
Vicinity of Mullin Way in Burlington
Damp crawl space wall and floor area
Vicinity of Braemore in Burlington
Hi I have a 36" high crawl space that the concrete has lifted and cracked would like to have it broken up and tamed down a repaired. I require a quote,
Vicinity of Gordie Tapp Crescent in Burlington
I would like a quote on a new sump pump and fixing a foundation crack.
Vicinity of Danielle Drive in Burlington
Looking to install a new sump pump to replace builders job
Vicinity of Hampton Heath Road in Burlington
Interesting in a quote regarding basement waterproofing.
Vicinity of Newlands Crescent in Burlington
Looking for an estimate for crack injection in a crawlspace wall.
Vicinity of New Street in Burlington
I have an older home but in the early 1950's with a unfinished, cinder block basement. The basement leaks/weeps and there are a number of cracks in the mortar between the blocks. During the flooding in Burlington in August, I also had sanity sewer drain in the basement floor back up and flood the basement with about 4 inches of water. Looking to repair foundation cracks as needed and prevent leaks.
Vicinity of Belvenia in Burlington
Cracked block wall basment. 1973 house. walls bowing inward. water leaks. time to fix and refinish.
Vicinity of Bader Crescent in Burlington
We have a crack in our foundation. We would like someone to come and take a look to give us an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Windermere Drive in Burlington
Would like someone to have look at a couple concerns I have have we are basement.
Vicinity of Verdi Street in Burlington
2 leaks in the basement. One coming from the side of the house, near the window. The other one is coming from the driveway. Looking for options to repair the two. Please let me know what my options are to repair. thanks.
Vicinity of Sutherland Cres in Burlington
Damp corner in basement. Did not know it was there till wall panels removed.
Vicinity of Aldridge Cres in Burlington
Estimate for: Sump pump installation Back water valve installation
Vicinity of Duncaster Drive in Burlington
Soft drywall in basement. Dampness behind wall when drywall removed
Vicinity of Headon Forest Drive in Burlington
I need a crack repaired in my basement
Vicinity of Idlewood Crescent in Burlington
Crack in block foundation wall
Vicinity of Suncrest Road in Burlington
Cracks in mortar joints (crawl space)
Vicinity of Lakeshore in Burlington
Need an inspection of basement. concerned about moisture and sump pump
Vicinity of Auburn Cr in Burlington
We were victims of the big Burlington flood, the water filled the water well and pouted into our basement. Since then we have replaced the window and had a drywaller look at the wall, he said their was no evidence of mold and no foundational cracks; we have since replaced the drywall. 2 nights ago we had a rain and today I found the basement is wet again. Can you assess the problem and give an estimate on the repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Consort Crescent in Burlington
I suspect I have a crack in my foundation that is leaking. The leak appears to be minor as I only see water during moderate rainstorms, and the accumulation is best described as a "wet surface" as opposed to obvious trickling or pooling of water.
Vicinity of Woodward Ave in Burlington
Very slow Water is entering via south west and north west corners of our basement
Vicinity of Cedarbrook Crescent in Burlington
Hello, We have a leak in our basement. It is coming in through a crack in our wall down into an unfinished area (cold room with cement floors). It is a block foundation. We would like to get a quote for your company to repair (replace or rebuild). Thanks.
Vicinity of Shepherd's Dr in Burlington
Leak in the basement - laundry room and family room.
Vicinity of Salem Rd in Burlington
Basement flooded in Aug 4 storm - would like to get estimate on installing sump pump/backwater valve etc.
Vicinity of Barnett Drive in Burlington
Some water penetration possibly through cracks in concrete floor, prior to and during recent floor. No major water damage. Foul odour due to pet urine from previous owners. Interested in sump pump installation as well as other services.
Vicinity of Tremineer Avenue in Burlington
Interested in estimate for french drain system for inside house, basement floor. Water in basement on back wall during huge rains of August 4. House is on market to sell....need estimate asap. Please.
Vicinity of Elwood Rd in Burlington
We were flooded in the last storm in burlington. We probably need waterproofing and a sump pump. Please come out to give us an estimate ASAP Tom Alton
Vicinity of Fairfax Place in Burlington
Cracks in basement wall; water leaking in
Vicinity of Parkgate Crescent in Burlington
We have experienced flood damage in our house and we have also discovered we have mold in our basement. We would like to make an appointment with someone that could our address our mold problem and our water drainage problem. We would like to have installed a backwater valve. Please contact us so we can setup an appointment. Thanks.
Vicinity of Limerick Rd in Burlington
We have a leak, about 12 inches long at interface of floor and wall. Water has continued to seep, controlled by basement sweep to drain every 3 to 5 hours since last Monday. We believe it was caused during the recent storm, because the ground level patio had settled at a few feet across the rear of house such that the fall of water was towards the house. In an effort to remove the water pooling outside, I had started a hole (about 12 inches diameter) from which to drain the ground water but i could only reach 4 feet down and need to get to eight feet. Can you help us with this emergency?
Vicinity of Orchard Rd in Burlington
We currently have a sump pump. The problem is that it will turn on but doesn't always turn off. It also doesn't have a check valve so a good portion of water that is pumped out does return into the reservoir.
Vicinity of Beaufort Drive in Burlington
I have water at the base of my basement black wall. Part appears to be a small hole while the rest appears right at the seam where the block and floor meet. Would like to have someone provide me with an estimate.
Vicinity of Heathfield Drive in Burlington
-due to the Burlington storm/flooding August 4th I have discovered that I have a crack in my basement wall.
Vicinity of Munson Crescent in Burlington
Motor in sump pump is running, but water not being drained.
Vicinity of Condor Drive in Burlington
We get water in the cold cellar under our front stoop occasionally. The major thaw last winter flooded into part of the basement. Need to see what is needed to fix this.
Vicinity of Tyandaga Park Dr. in Burlington
(french drain, perimeter drain, drywell) in the Burlington area? Any help would be very much appreciated as your company appears to come very highly recommended. Hetty
Vicinity of Angela Court in Burlington
We have noticed that there is water coming into the corner of our basement wall from the outside. We had planned to raise to soil levels in the yard in the next two weeks but with this rain storm I think the problem is worse than we think. There was a small tree trying to grow under our air conditioner in the back that is in the same area where the tree was. I think there could be a crack in the foundation. You can also feel the concrete is damp and looks swollen. Thank you, an expert looking at the problem will help use figure out what to do from here, and also give me peice of mind my basement won't flood next rain storm.
Vicinity of Bader Cr. in Burlington
Sump pump float valve is not triggering the pump properly. Need it serviced or replaced?
Vicinity of Danforth Pl in Burlington
Rain water or melting ice finds its way thru a window well into the basement.
Vicinity of Appleby Place in Burlington
Need quote for window well please
Vicinity of Cavendish Dr. in Burlington
Water leaks into the unfinished part of the basement where the wall meets the floor. This happens when there are extreme amounts of rain, typically in the early spring.
Vicinity of Middlesmoor Cres in Burlington
Leaky basement - caused damage to flooring which I have since removed. I'd like to get the leak fixed so I can redo the basement.
Vicinity of Caroline Ave in Burlington
Old wet basement
Vicinity of Windy Oaks Drive in Burlington
There are possibly two wet spots in the basement during extreme rain. We request you to help us with the repair process.
Vicinity of Rolling Court in Burlington
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Corrine Ct in Burlington
Water coming in from floor joint area in finished part of basement- we are in a 1960's 2 storey close to the lake, high water table area. Wondeirng if a sump pump would alleviate some of the issues. Thank you kindly.
Vicinity of Cornwall Crescent in Burlington
Leaky basement after rain storms.
Vicinity of Cumberland Ave in Burlington
I have a water leak in by basement rec room that has caused a wet carpet twice in the past few months. I would appreciate it if someone could have a look and give me an idea what would be involved in correcting the situation
Vicinity of Foxbar Rd in Burlington
Crawlspace ciderblock foundation leaking
Vicinity of Chamberlain Rd in Burlington
Concrete wall craking
Vicinity of Lockhart Road in Burlington
Water seeping in one spot in finished basement between floor and outside wall.
Vicinity of Shoreview Road in Burlington
We have a dirt crawl space under part of our home that we wish to have sealed primarily for insulation and "no bug" purposes. We do not have water issues. The walls of the crawl space have spray foam insulation but the floor area is open dirt.
Vicinity of Ella Court in Burlington
We have water coming into the basement along one wall in a 6 foot areas. The basement is finshed with drywall. Please email me at your convenience to set up a time to meet. Thanks Doug
Vicinity of Donna Crt. in Burlington
Hi there, We are looking at purchasing a property in Hamilton, and after our home inspection found out that there is evidence of a leaky basement. Is there anyway that you can come for an estimate of what we're looking at to repair it? Thank you. Tom
Vicinity of Lockhart Rd in Burlington
Basement floor is wet as a result of all the snow and thaw. Does not seem to be coming from any cracks - can it be that it can come up from the ground through concrete?
Vicinity of Patricia Drive in Burlington
Water in basement after rain and snow melt
Vicinity of Fothergill Blvd in Burlington
I have a leak in my cold room
Vicinity of Abbotsbury Street in Burlington
Our basement sump pump is constantly working and is quite old. I would like to get a quote on a new sump pump with a back up unit that would work during power outages and prevent our finished basement from flooding.
Vicinity of Guelphline in Burlington
Looking for a back up system for my so pump
Vicinity of Valera Road in Burlington
I have a some water coming in by a window in my basement, above ground level. I would like to get a quote to fix this please Please feel free to call me Regards, David
Vicinity of Golden Eagle in Burlington
Vertical crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Spruce Street in Burlington
I have bowing foundation walls around much of the basement - the house is a bungalow - about 50 years old.
Vicinity of Forest Grove Crescent in Burlington
Current sump pump is 12 years old and likely needs replacing. Would like a reco and estimate for new system. Recently finished basement and want to ensure that we are protected. Thanks
Vicinity of Kerns Road in Burlington
Water in basement. Not sure of source or cause. Have my suspicions but would like an experts opinion and estimate to fix it right. Would like to get free inspection done tomorrow sept 10 (Tuesday) as I took day off if at all possible. Please call and let me know. Thank you Jamie
Vicinity of Lakeshore Road in Burlington
Previous basement leak has caused floor tiles to rise. Basement room(s) are damp.
Vicinity of Bellview Street in Burlington
Quote for installation of triple safe sump pump.
Vicinity of Malcolm Cres in Burlington
I live in a back split that has several leaks both in the basement and I'm Guessing the next floor up. The last homeowners attempted to fix but it is obvious they didn't do it right. Thanks Kristen
Vicinity of Burloak Dr. in Burlington
I want to know that how much do you charge for the installation of sump pump in the basement. Please send me the estimate of the pump and your labour. Thank you.
Vicinity of Salma Cres in Burlington
Concrete block foundation wall in the front and side is moist and is slightly leaking. Prefer evenings or weekends
Vicinity of Guelph Line in Burlington
Looking for a good back up system for our active sump pump Thanks
Vicinity of Valanna Crescent in Burlington
An ongoing small leak in basement, 4 level backsplit. Water is finding its way under the sub basement slab and ending up at the bottom of basement stairs. Only leaks after snow thaws and heavy rains.
Vicinity of Flemish Drive in Burlington
Dampness and mildew in the basement and crawl space.
Vicinity of Botanical Drive in Burlington
Our existing sump pump is 15 years old, so I'm seeking a quality product for peace of mind.
Vicinity of Kingsway Drive in Burlington
Block foundation house. Some leaking in basement on front of house (think it is an eavetrough issue). Back corner of basement, scaling on wall below basement window. Always small water seepage after a rain (need to wet vac the small pool).,
Vicinity of Spring Gardens Road in Burlington
Looking for a free estimate on fixing up our crawl space.