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Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Caledonia. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in Caledonia and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Caledonia, ON
Vicinity of Berwick Street in Caledonia
Bought a 50 year old house, with the understanding that there where no moisture problems or leaks. We recently pulled down a corner wall to find out where a mouldy smell was coming from. The insulation and studs where damp and rotten in places. We also found numerous other cracks along the wall. Basement is very damp, and one crack is pretty wide. We are guessing that there are other cracks in the foundation behind the rest of the finished walls as well. Help!
Vicinity of Highland Blvd in Caledonia
I have a leak coming from 2 spots, first is right under the support beam and another is a crack in the wall
Vicinity of Laird St in Caledonia
Leak fixed before I bou house 6 or more years ago,looks like corner has settled,bricks cracked.
Vicinity of Thistlemoor Drive in Caledonia
We have some water coming into our basement though what seems to be the I-Beam pocket. Hoping to get an understanding of what is happening and what the cost is to repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Haldibrook Road West in Caledonia
We would like to set up a time for servicing of our existing pump and sump and also get a quote for waterproofing another section of the basement
Vicinity of Williamson Dr. in Caledonia
I have a leak in my basement wall , its not a lot of water but enough to be a pain. It doesnt look like a crack ,more like a seam but there is a crack close by.
Vicinity of Lamb Court in Caledonia
After moving into my home in September, I had issues with water and while being repaired found that the basement wall has shifted inwards and there is a gap in of over an inch between the top two blocks.
Vicinity of Piper Place in Caledonia
We have a decent crack quite visible outside and continuing down to the basement floor. We would like to use the crack injection method of sealing the issue. Please send the quote via email. We would also like a separate quote on a sump pump installation.
Vicinity of Banff St. in Caledonia
Hi there, we have a circa 1930's home with a block concrete foundation. The front basement room has always had some leaking in one corner and there are many cracks that concern me as well as the plaster falling off of one wall and a piece of ivy growing through! We need help! We would love for someone to come and help us figure out what is going on. Thank you for your time.
Vicinity of Stirling St. in Caledonia
Water issues in the basement. Installed sump pump which helps, however water from around and underneath the house cannot drain quick enough, then the basement floods with water.
Vicinity of in Caledonia
Leaks where cinder brick meets flooring. Aslo have a crack that leaked badly once but not since
Vicinity of Highland Blvd in Caledonia
We have a small leak in our laundry room. It only leaks after a major prolonged rain. The foundation is concrete. The rest of the basement is finished. The floor drain is in the laundry room about 4 feet from the wall.
Vicinity of Kinross Street in Caledonia
Need a quote on 2 cracked basement walls
Vicinity of Kinross St. in Caledonia
Hello. We have recently had a flood in our basement. The restoration co. came in and cleaned up what they could. My husband and I are shopping around to get quotes on how much it would cost to waterproof our basement. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ayr St in Caledonia
An having issues with the foundation of my house. Large gaps and cracks are showing up more and more on the outside And 1 wall I the basement leaks. I would like an estimate on how much it would cost to repair such an issue. Thanks.
Vicinity of Haldibrook Rd in Caledonia
I am looking for a free estimate on foundation repair of my home. FYI There is a Septic tank and Bed at the back of the house.
Vicinity of Fife St. West in Caledonia
Spring time water leakage through base of south facing block wall. Only in one area of basement. Seems to be melting ice runoff.
Vicinity of Highland Blvd in Caledonia
Poor packing when the cement was poured in the foundation wall is allowing water to seep through in one corner from just below the basement header (just inches below ground level outside) when there is a heavy rain. Nothing leaks in light/normal rainfall. Also interested in quotes on your general basement wall/floor products. Basement is 20 years old and mostly unfinished.
Vicinity of Ayr Street in Caledonia
It is our cold cellar that has a very damp smell an mould on the walls.
Vicinity of Renfrew St. E. in Caledonia
I am interested in getting a quote for the battery backup for the sump pump. We have a finished basement and a good working sump pump but i'd like to get a battery backup. Can you tell me how much it would be for the system plus installation.
Vicinity of in Caledonia
Recently basement flood, damages not covered by insurance ( seepage ?? ) need to get educated on repair options
Vicinity of Burnside Street in Caledonia
Have small leak in basement from cracked foundation, tried to repair, small section still leaking. Would like an inspection of current sump pump.
Vicinity of Renfrew St. E. in Caledonia
We have an addition to the house, and this portion of the basement leaks. It is a block foundation. Water doesn't appear to be coming from cracks in the floor. The previous owners replaced the weeping tile on two sides of the house, and had the remainder scoped and found it was in good shape. Thanks
Vicinity of Orkney St. E in Caledonia
Hi..our home was built in the 20's. It is a unfinished basement that takes in water during very heavy rain falls or quick spring thaws. The basement consists of 3 rooms and is about 900 square feet. I look forward to hearing from you.
Vicinity of in Caledonia
Vertical crack in concrete wall. About 4' long and up to 1/2 " wide. Extends about 3' into clay soil, also accessible from inside.
Vicinity of Caithness St. East in Caledonia
Small leak through crack in the foundation.
Vicinity of Buchanan Dr. in Caledonia
Water seeps in 2 walls and runs across the floor during a heavy rain
Vicinity of McMaster Drive in Caledonia
Large leak behind the electric panel particularly in strong rains. Thanks
Vicinity of Scottswood Lane in Caledonia
Poured concrete basement - house is 9 yrs old. Crack in foundation from the window to the floor and has now started to leak near the floor.
Vicinity of in Caledonia
Hi there, On the west side of our house, when it rains, the water comes in through the bottom wall between the baseboards and the ciment floor. Also, in our cold cellar room, the drain always looks plugged. There is a little water blocking the drain. I am looking forward to hearing from you and to seek advice on what to do next.
Vicinity of Scott Acres Blvd. in Caledonia
It appears my foundation is leaking in my laundry/furnace room. This room is unfinished but the wall is insulated with a vapour barrier also.
Vicinity of Fuller Dr. in Caledonia
I can see a crack in the foundation on one side of the house. I seem to have a lot of moisture in our house in the form of condensation on the windows. I thought this might be the cause of that maby one of your team could help me out.
Vicinity of Caithness St. E. in Caledonia
Small 1 1/2 story house about 80yr old the basement leaks on two walls it is not finished at all it is cement block and over the years has shifted and cracked but not much if any over the last 15 yr there is a floor drain in the back corner that works well
Vicinity of Grand Avenue in Caledonia
Our home was built in 1911. We are considering finishing the basement, however we get water through the walls (I believe) and we do not have a sump pump. It has always felt damp and we need help Thanks
Vicinity of Stirling St in Caledonia
Full basement...that leaks along one edge only... finished walls... with good vapor barrier... approx 50' long. Concrete floor sloping to drain.
Vicinity of Sutherland Street East in Caledonia
BASEMENT: Since moving in the leak each fall and spring has grown to a torrent, at times. It seems to be a result of cracks in the foundation of this 40 plus year-old house. I am looking for a guaranteed solution which does not involve digging up my yard/trees/back deck. Heard you were honest with your estimations of what solution would work.
Vicinity of Ayr St in Caledonia
We have bandaged this problem once before and the crack has re-opened. Our finished rec room is damp and the drywall is molding. The wall that is creating the problem is at the rear of the house. At ground level we have a cement pad above the area where the crack is located. Also, located above the crack is an 8' patio door. It is very heavy and the wood is beginning to rot away as well. We would greatly appreciate an expert's opinion of what we are dealing with as we need to get this patched up quickly. Our daughter, we believe, is suffering from a cough associated with the dampness.
Vicinity of Ayr Street in Caledonia
We are seeing cracks and water coming in around the basement walls and floor. The front of the house is falling away from the window frame about two inches. We are concerned of course and would like a free estimate.
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