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Waterproofing & Structural Repair Services by Cayuga’s Local Expert

Omni Basement Systems is Cayuga's trusted contractor for basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation and foundation repair. As the exclusive local contractor for Basement Systems, our team is expertly trained and uses only the best products available.

Services we offer in Cayuga:

  • Basement waterproofing measures
  • Basement structural repair
  • Moisture control solutions
  • Foundation repair systems
  • Foundation structural reinforcement
  • Crawl space repair
  • Crawl space waterproofing & encapsulation

We offer free estimates for all our services in the Cayuga area. Call 1-833-681-1822 or click the button below to request your free estimate appointment!

Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Cayuga

Maintaining your below-grade space is critical in home health, yet the basement and crawl space are often neglected in regular upkeep. Simply put, they are often out of sight and out of mind. Despite seeming separate from the rest of the home, they can both have widespread consequences if left in disrepair. Thankfully at Omni Basement Systems, we are basement and crawl space specialists. We know what works and how to provide permanent protection to your Cayuga home.

We Provide:
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Crawl Space Encapsulation
  • Leak Repairs
  • Exclusive, Patented Products
  • World's Best Sump Pumps
  • Energy-Efficient Dehumidifier             
You Receive:
  • Permanently Dry Basement or Crawl Space
  • Controlled Humidity
  • Mould Mitigation
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Greater Home Value
  • Peace of Mind

Don’t wait to turn your basement or crawl space into a dry, clean space free from mold, moisture and structural issues. Get started with a free estimate from Omni Basement Systems on crawl space encapsulation, repair, basement waterproofing, and more.

Permanent Foundation Repair Solutions in Cayuga

Foundation issues are a serious threat to your home and can cause problems throughout every floor if left untreated. Omni Basement Systems can fix your foundation problems with durable, long-lasting products that restore structural integrity and protect it from future issues.

Your Problem:
  • Bowing Walls
  • Uneven Floors
  • Wall Cracks
  • Settling Foundations
Our Solution:
  • Wall Anchors and Repair Systems
  • I-beam Braces
  • Slab Piers
  • Crawl Space Jack Posts

No matter what your foundation issue is, we can identify the cause and implement expert solutions guaranteed to last. Your home is a huge investment; make sure you invest in its foundation health to protect its value. Call 1-833-681-1822 or fill out our online estimate request form to schedule your complimentary consultation and foundation inspection today.

Sump Pump Installation & Replacement

Whether your sump pump is no longer performing as it should or you’re looking to get one installed, we can help. At Omni Basement Systems we install new sump pumps, replace old sump pumps, and can even dig a sump pit for you. For extra peace of mind, we can install a backup sump pump and battery backups for those emergencies you don’t see coming.

Sump Pump Services & Products:

  • Sump Pump Systems
  • Sump Pump Installation or Replacement
  • Backup Pump Systems
  • Service & Repair

Sump pumps can be a useful addition to many areas of the home, including the basement, crawl space, and more. If you’re unsure whether a sump pump could help protect your home from moisture damage, ask one of our experts for their honest, professional opinion.

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Before and After Pictures from Cayuga

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Cayuga area is famous for bad soil conditions. Omni likes to call it "Haldimand Clay" When there is a wall crack in a poured foundation in this area, Our reps have to determine whether it is just a waterproofing job or it needs some structural attention as well. 

In this case, the crack was large enough and had some deflection in the wall as well that Phill recommended some carbon Armor stitches before waterproofing. The Carbon Armor stitch is Carbon Fibre fabrick which is epoxied to the wall across the crack to strengthen the wall from futher bowing (deflection) 

In these photos, the before and after the carbon armor is applied. They do not show the final waterproofing membrane applied over top. 

Work Requests From Cayuga, ON
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Looking for a quote on underpinning or benching of a ~1400sqf baseement
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
I'm concerned my sump pump isn't powerful enough for its my home.
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Water on floor on north wall of residence. Has happened 3 times every time we get heavy rains. Appears to be a crack in foundation
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Water in basement
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
I have 1 hairline crack about 6 ft long in my poured foundation wall.
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
My cottage is in Cayuga is facing the Grand River, it is on concrete blocks, the ground has shifted and this needs to be re-levelled, we have not done this for at least 5 years. I am looking for this to be re-levelled something that has to be done every few years just because of the landscape. I think it is approx.; 700 sq ft., do you need to know the square footage?
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
I would like the enclosed sump pump
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
2 cracks in 10'' concrete wall. One leaks during hard rain
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Cracks in poured foundation walls, looking for opinion and quote.
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
I'm looking for a foundation fix and some basement leak issues, I am doing renovations at my house and now I'm at a standstill until I have someone check it out and get it fixed, if you could contact me as soon as possible that would be great thanks
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
3 cracks in foundation, water leakage during heavy rains. Would like a quote on repair.
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Basement is wet/ damp
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Cracked foundation
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Hello, I just bought my house a month ago and I noticed a water marks on the basement floor in one corner of the house after the heavy rain we had a couple of weeks ago. I ripped off the drywall in that corner to find the wall is wet. I am not sure if the rest of the basement has an issue , because is finished. Could I get an estimate from one of your specialists?
Project Location: Cayuga, ON
Just moved in October to a rural property, home is 20 years old, believe sump pump system is as well, looking to see if we might need a new system installed.
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