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Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Simcoe. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in Simcoe and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Simcoe, ON
Vicinity of Nelson in Simcoe
*Respond by Email please* Getting water in the basement, especially after a thaw. I know where the water is getting in,...I believe we need a sump pump to make my life easier. Currently shopvacing the water out.
Vicinity of Sunset Drive in Simcoe
Vicinity of Nixon Road in Simcoe
Cracks in foundation.
Vicinity of Nixon Road in Simcoe
Cracks in foundation.
Vicinity of Hastings Drive in Simcoe
Our basement always smells musty. We have 2 really old sump pumps which we would like replaced. Also any other suggestions to get rid of the smell would be appreciated.
Vicinity of Crestlynn Cres in Simcoe
Water leakage on floor
Vicinity of Dean Street in Simcoe
We have an older home with a crawl space/unfinished basement and are wondering if the foundation is stable. Some of the boards are looking worn and are wondering if the outer walls are secure.
Vicinity of Dufferin St in Simcoe
I have an uninsulated crawl space with a dirt floor. I am looking for humidity control measures such as a vapour barrier.
Vicinity of Owen St in Simcoe
We have an older home with a crawl space, the entrance to the space is located outside on the back of the house. Our home inspector recommended we have someone reinforce the support beams and waterproof the space. The entrance to the space could definitely use some updating as well, if you do that. Currently it's two metal "stairs" that swing up, however one is blocked by the deck the previous owner built. The entrance size to the "stair" that opens is about 2.5x1.5 ft. Our foundation is cement blocks.
Vicinity of Owen St in Simcoe
We have an older home with a crawl space. Recently we've noticed some cracks in our ceiling- we think it's a support issue. We're hoping to get it looked at and fixed up before winter comes along.
Vicinity of King Lane in Simcoe
My basement floor is leaking. It is coming in from under the vinyl flooring.
Vicinity of Werret Ave. in Simcoe
Seepage through basement floor. May require sump pit installed.
Vicinity of Fertilizer Road in Simcoe
I have a uninsulated crawlspace with a dirt floor. Looking to have a vapor barrier installed over the dirt floor. Thanks
Vicinity of Nixon Road in Simcoe
Sump pump and back up system (battery)
Vicinity of in Simcoe
Assessment of cracked foundation in a cold cellar and check other existing basement walls.
Vicinity of Thorncliffe Road in Simcoe
I have a 40 year old house with a block foundation. I have had a leakage problem along 1 wall of the basement for a number of years, but this spring has been particularly problematic. I'm interested in any effective solution but I believe that interior solutions may provide a more economical and less disruptive approach. The basement is not finished.
Vicinity of Gibson Dr in Simcoe
Hi, we have water in our basement anytime it rains or now with the warm temp we are having melting the ground, the water is coming right threw the mortar in the old block walls, would your system help that problem
Vicinity of Garden Street in Simcoe
I have numerous cracks in foundation/brick of house. Would like a price on repair , if necessary, and also exterior waterproofing.
Vicinity of Garden Street in Simcoe
Crawlspace damp,may have some water seepage,old sump pump. Need estimate of repair and damage.
Vicinity of Queensway West in Simcoe
Hi, We would like an estimate for the basement waterproofing/crawl space repair. If someone can get back to us at the earliest, that'll be great. Thanks!
Vicinity of Cherry St in Simcoe
Several cracks in my poured concrete foundation. 1 large crack going from grade to the footing , 2 smaller cracks. please advise if you are interested in quoting a solution.
Vicinity of Brook St in Simcoe
We have a rental property in Simcoe that has some water problems in the basement. Water seeps through the foundation and the window wells fill with water and pour in. Please advise if you do work in Simcoe and if so, when you would be available to come give us a quote on resolving our problems. Many Thanks
Vicinity of Berkley Crescent in Simcoe
We have an entrance into our lower level, to the left is the corner of the foundation. This area off and on for some years has had water seep into the carpet. There is a drain outside of the door that we maintain and I don't believe that to be the issue. In other areas, such as the laundry room, we painted the cement, but it is peeling and a painter had said it was due to moisture issues. In another room, the floor seems uneven.
Vicinity of Poplar Street in Simcoe
During heavy rainstorms south wall of basement leaks.
Vicinity of Seventh Street in Simcoe
We are getting ready to finish our basement. On occaision we have water seeping down the foundation walls. Upon closer look we have found cracks in the foundation which lead us to believe this is where the water is coming from
Vicinity of Stanley St in Simcoe
House built pre 1930s, cracks allowing water to seep in and wrecked everything down there. Was fully finished when we purchased but is now fully gutted.
Vicinity of Hillcrest Rd in Simcoe
The basement is poured walls and we have leakage around the floor. Is so bad that the drywall is now staring to mold. There is also water coming up in the floor. The basement has not flooded yet. I sure hope you can help. Thank You
Vicinity of Garden St. in Simcoe
There is water coming in next to my laundry room. I am searching for the best deal to have this repaired for good.
Vicinity of South Drive in Simcoe
I have three cracks in the foundation of my basement that are leaking and need to be repaired.
Vicinity of Mann Ave in Simcoe
We want to add a den, bedroom and washroom to a basement.
Vicinity of Elm St. in Simcoe
Cracks in walls lead to water when it rains really hard
Vicinity of Nelson in Simcoe
Basement has crack in cement floor in one room also floods when it rains, wondering about weeping tile inside and a sump pit. House is approx 900 sq feet
Vicinity of Bellevue Ave in Simcoe
Our house was built in the early 40's and has a poured concrete foundation. We have had leakage problems for over 30 years. We have tried to seal back of house foundation several times with concrete and tar but still get seepage and occasionally water coming up through the floor.
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