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Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in St Catharines. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in St Catharines and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in St Catharines, ON
Vicinity of Currie Street in St Catharines
Looking for an estimate for insulating a crawl space approx 20' x 30'. Thank you
Vicinity of Dunkeld Ave in St Catharines
Mold in a crawl space
Vicinity of Beverly St in St Catharines
I bought a house with a slight slope in the floor. The home inspector said it had been reinforced but I think it has gotten worse and I'd like to get it fixed if it's has gotten worse.
Vicinity of Linwell Rd in St Catharines
We have a small amount of water coming into our basement in the cover area of two sports. We had someone in today who recommended digging out around the whole house and installing weeping tile. The area is in two small spots and is only a small bit of water. I was wondering if we could have someone to check it out as well as provide and estimate on what we could do. Thank you
Vicinity of Ravine Road in St Catharines
Water coming through basement wall, puddles on floor, damp dry wall
Vicinity of Caroline Street in St Catharines
I'm looking at getting a quote on a bowing wall in a house i'm interested purchasing, but i would like to find out how much it would take to correct the foundation wall.
Vicinity of Keswick St in St Catharines
Uneven floor.basement wall shifted
Vicinity of in St Catharines
Please contact us
Vicinity of Geneva Street in St Catharines
Basement water issue
Vicinity of Oakdale Ave in St Catharines
I have a leak in my basement. Requires outdoor waterproofing.
Vicinity of Forest Hill Rd in St Catharines
I have water leaking into my basement near the chimney. It is an unfinished wall.
Vicinity of Woodbine Ave in St Catharines
This person has filled out the Star Power Pro survey on that you sent them and is interested in another service you provide: dehumidification. Please contact them to schedule a new appointment for this service. This is a no-charge lead.
Vicinity of Hamilton St in St Catharines
L have 1919 home which is on a wood foundation l think... the front part of the home is sinking
Vicinity of Willow Street in St Catharines
Crawl space re kitchen floor slopes we are looking into jacks to be installed You can only phone between 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Vicinity of Ridgeview Ave in St Catharines
I discovered a small basement wall leak after 3 Years in my home and like to have it repaired without digging up the outside. I did take pictures right after my discovery and again three days later after venting it with a fan. I would like to make theses available if you like to see them and attach to an email of yours .
Vicinity of Facer St in St Catharines
Redirect sump pump drain pipe away from sidewalk. The current position of the pipe drains water too close to sidewalk.
Vicinity of Carlton ST in St Catharines
Hi there. Our basement is a gentle river. We had one person out in the spring to quote us for weeping tile, but it was far too expensive. We are looking to have someone come out to assess the issue and provide us with a quote for weeping tile and/or an alternative. Thanks.
Vicinity of Henry St in St Catharines
100+ year old house with stone foundation, which is now leaking through the walls with water coming into the basement in multiple areas. As well the house has settled which needs proper support since it has bowed into the center. The basement is unfinished but has a cement floor and used for laundry/storage. Hoping to have someone come on July 10th for an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Main Street in St Catharines
Water coming through basement floor when heavy rain.
Vicinity of Louisa St in St Catharines
Looking to install a sump pump and drainage system along basement walls
Vicinity of Sovereign Dr in St Catharines
Vicinity of Haig Street in St Catharines
Please call, Leaking in window sills and would like Block foundation inspected
Vicinity of Brisbane Glen in St Catharines
Water on basement floor (coming from the walls). Mouldy smell and water damage on baseboards. Seems to happen when it rains only.
Vicinity of Cypress St in St Catharines
Crack in basement wall allowing water in
Vicinity of Booth St in St Catharines
Looking for a quote to have the exterior of our house dug and waterproofed.
Vicinity of Sullivan Drive in St Catharines
Vicinity of First Street Louth in St Catharines
I have a vertical crack in my basement wall. I'd like to get an estimate on repair
Vicinity of Henry St. in St Catharines
We need a quote for basement treatment options. Water making it's way into furnace room.
Vicinity of Marks Crescent in St Catharines
Hi, Please contact me for an estimate. I have two properties (3 minutes from each other) that has a crack/leak in the basement. Thank you
Vicinity of Melba Road in St Catharines
Wondering about interior waterproofing - is it possible? Price? Effectiveness? Work involved?
Vicinity of Riverview Blvd in St Catharines
Vicinity of Catherine Street in St Catharines
Water basement. water coming in when it rains a lot. basement not finished.
Vicinity of Monck St. in St Catharines
Minors cracks on our basement floor have now heaved over the last week and have widened. as well an interior basement wall that tied into an addition now has a vertical crack. What clued me in was the fact that on August 8 I could not lock my back door. Help!
Vicinity of Westland Street in St Catharines
Sump pump runs a lot and there is always a puddle outside on the lawn
Vicinity of Hazel Street in St Catharines
Wet basement solution required.
Vicinity of Cranbrook Terrace in St Catharines
Basement wall is solid concrete with 3 rows of block to increase basement ceiling height. One wall has shifted outward and step cracked the block wall. Looking for a price to repair existing wall.
Vicinity of Albertstreet in St Catharines
Like to finish my basement, but concerned about moisture, and not having a sum pump.
Vicinity of Royal Henley Blvd. in St Catharines
I would like a visual inspection and consultation concerning a basement leak, with a resulting estimate.
Vicinity of Hanson Dr. in St Catharines
Small amount of water in block foundation. Basement is unfinished. Water noticed after heavy rains.
Vicinity of Pinecrest Avenue in St Catharines
Would like a specialist to look at the basement and sill to get an estimate
Vicinity of Marquis St in St Catharines
I'd like an estimate to repair my basement
Vicinity of Devon Rd in St Catharines
I have a problem with water seepage when it rains. I have enough water come in to make it annoying with getting carpets wet. I have put newspaper down to absorb the water and have mopped when it occurs. Block basement approx 1955 construction
Vicinity of Rabuka Ave in St Catharines
Basement leaking after rain
Vicinity of Blair Crescent in St Catharines
Foundation is leaking
Vicinity of Vansickle Road North in St Catharines
I've seen your ads on TV and would like a quote on getting a quote on a better and new sump pump installation. thanks Conrad
Vicinity of Elma in St Catharines
I have two minute cracks in my foundation which are definitely leaking into my basement, and one major crack, but I have not seen any leaks from it. Wouldn'tmind getting an estimate for repairs. Best Regards, Denis
Vicinity of Sunnylea Dr in St Catharines
Small crack in foundation.
Vicinity of Pinecrest Avenue in St Catharines
Hi, I'd like to get a quote for fixing a flooded basement (unfinished), possibly to install a simp pump. Thanks.
Vicinity of Frederick Street in St Catharines
I want to buy a 960 ft2 house (Rectangular shape about 35' x 27'). The basement walls are made of block. Walls were painted to cover a problem. There is a strong humidity smell and a map of humidity stains on all the walls. How much it would cost (please give a range) for digging all around the foundation from outside and fixing the problem. I will need to sign with you a contract before I put an offer. Thank you. Regards, Magdy
Vicinity of Marvin Dr in St Catharines
We had Richard around last fall to inspect our crawlspace and would like to speak with him again on it. Please have him contact us.
Vicinity of Highland Ave in St Catharines
Vicinity of Bessey Street in St Catharines
I purchased my home with a finished basement however the basement leaks.
Vicinity of Geneva St in St Catharines
Damp Basement. Also there is a leak in one corner when it rains.
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