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Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Welland, ON
Vicinity of David Street in Welland
Moisture in basement wall from leak
Vicinity of Mcmaster Avenue in Welland
My house has a block foundation, with at least 1 leaky spot that becomes very wet when it rains. The main beam support posts are also in rough shape from what looks like a poor repair by the previous owner (old wooden posts combined with non permanent steel columns) drywall upstairs is cracking and there is a noticeable slope in the floors.
Vicinity of Harold Ave in Welland
My basement has an area that gets wet when it rains but I can never tell where the water is coming from. The baseboards for the basement washroom are ruined by this moisture. Also my sump pump sometimes floods when it rains a lot. Please help!
Vicinity of Muirfield Trail in Welland
Was given a quote on sump pump last year Was unable to do both waterproofing and pump at that time.Could you give me currant price
Vicinity of St Lawrence Drive in Welland
One corner of our basement is leaking water during storms; not a lot but concerning. Would like to know what it would take/cost to repair it
Vicinity of Dunkirk Court in Welland
I have a bowed wall in my basement, not sure if it needs steel beams to support it or completely dug up and re blocked. Would like to have a representative from Omni come out and check it out then hopefully solve the issue. Thanks, Graham
Vicinity of Oakland Ave in Welland
I had a water leak on thanksgiving and now insurance company is cancelling my policy unless i get it fixed
Vicinity of Brookhaven Crt in Welland
I am interested in a backup sump pump
Vicinity of Balsam St. in Welland
I would like to get an email quote for an approximate cost to install a sump pit and pump in my concrete crawlspace. we have had some flodoing issues with water coming up from underneath. thank you
Vicinity of Sumbler Rd in Welland
Want a back up system quote please
Vicinity of Roosevelt Ave in Welland
Selling house, and want crawl space checked and maintained for that too, and our own health, it should be alright but it's good to check and be on the safe side anyway, crawl space, single detached 2 bedroom bungalow, 723 sq ft. What is your estimate please and thank you.
Vicinity of Smith St in Welland
I have a house with a crawn space that the sump pump stopped working. The problem started when we had a big thunderstorm in welland. Electric panel looks good
Vicinity of Zimmer Lane in Welland
113 year old home with crawl space that needs new/more supports. Uneven floors. Thanks
Vicinity of Hennepin Avenue in Welland
Just bought the house aware that there was a previous quote for crawlspace work that was not completed prior to purchase. I would like a secondary quote or essentially my own quote to compare recommendations and solutions to our crawlspace. Looking forward to your call.
Vicinity of Aqueduct Street in Welland
Foundation bulging and cracked. Previous owner propped it with a 2x2 lumber and hidden with panels when I purchased.
Vicinity of Margery Rd. in Welland
Leaky basement in a old house. No current weeping system that i know of. has been a leaky basement for 6 years. Tired of it.
Vicinity of Eastdale Cres in Welland
We want to completely seal our block foundation before renovating and finishing our basement in our 50 year old bungalow
Vicinity of River Rd in Welland
Foundation and waterproofing quote please
Vicinity of Regent St. in Welland
100 year-old house - have some wet walls in basement. no flooding. would like to get a quote on sealing it up. have some crumbling on interior.
Vicinity of Wellandvale Drive in Welland
Need backup for sump pump
Vicinity of Buchner Rd in Welland
We have a bowed/cracked foundation wall in our farm house basement
Vicinity of Ontario Road in Welland
I need an estimate to level my kitchen floor.
Vicinity of Niagara Street in Welland
Block wall foundation in crawlspace is bowing in on a corner
Vicinity of Alyson Court in Welland
Leak in one area at front of house where the wall meets the floor in basement. Would like someone to come out and see it.
Vicinity of Edgar Street in Welland
Want to install sump pump
Vicinity of James Street in Welland
I have a crack in the foundation and brick on the side of my house. Also starting to show cracks inside on my walls and ceiling
Vicinity of Niagara St in Welland
I own a rental unit at this address. I have a staircase leading to the basement, not original to the house and it leaks and showing signs of damaging the walls of the building. I would like to have the issue fixed. Please contact me by email so that we can set up an appointment to get your advice and opinion. Thank you.
Vicinity of Bishop Road in Welland
Hello, I am wondering if you service Welland Ontario. My daughter just purchased a house at the above address. The house needs some serious work done in the CRAWLSPACE. I am looking for an estimate on this job and trying to find a reputable company willing to do the job. I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you
Vicinity of Wilton Ave in Welland
Wet basement
Vicinity of Wilton Ave in Welland
I have recently purchased an older home that has been renovated, except for the basement. I removed the old drywall in the basement and was going to replace it. Upon removal I found a horizontal crack in the wall (I can slide my fingers in some places of the crack) along pretty much the entire wall. It is bowing slightly as well, no more than 2 inches. I have had two foundation repair companies come give me an assessment and both have recommended excavating and replacing the foundation walls. As mentionned on your site, this is going to be costly and does not actually fix the problem. I was hoping that someone would be able to come in and assess my problem. Thank you, Stephanie
Vicinity of Eastdale Cres in Welland
We have had water seep through the walls/foundation of our 50 year hold on heavy rain days. It doesn't cause a "flood" but is very wet when a lot of water is by the foundation of the back of our home.
Vicinity of Harvest Oak Dr in Welland
Would like an estimate to repair 3 cracks in basement poured concrete wall which leaks a bit of moisture
Vicinity of Golden Blvd in Welland
Basement is block foundation and leaks when heavy rain occurs. We can't put it off any longer
Vicinity of Larchwood Circle in Welland
Water came in we think for the first time and warped base boards on one side in rec room. The rec room is half underground. There is a crack in wall on outside but the previous owner looked like they tried to repair.
Vicinity of Highland Gardens in Welland
Would like an assessment and estimate for basement concerns including water-questions re sump pump /French drain....
Vicinity of in Welland
Hi I am interested in the approx. cost of the sump pump system that you sell for a home. Thanks.
Vicinity of Roosevelt Ave in Welland
Would like crawl space inspected, and water proofed if need be, also any gaps caulked sealed preventing pests such as mice entering (if there are any) none visible from the outside at least. Thank you in advance
Vicinity of Green Meadows in Welland
Fruit cellar block wall caving in
Vicinity of LLOYD Ave in Welland
Bassement is leaking.Need to be repair,but first I want a Estimate,Please contact me for more information.Thank you
Vicinity of McNaughton Rd in Welland
Crawl Space Repair.
Vicinity of Willowlanding Court in Welland
Our sump pump could not handle heavy rain storm this Summer. Need advice.
Vicinity of Southworth Ave. in Welland
I have a property in Welland (the above) where the tenants are stating that there is water leaking in from a wall in the basement. Noticed it after the significant storm yesterday.
Vicinity of Scholfield Ave N in Welland
Please use email! We would like a quote for the installation of a below ground sump pump. We are only available on selected weekends because we work in Toronto. Thank you!
Vicinity of Hillsdale Road in Welland
We would like to book an appointment to get an estimate for the installation of a battery powered backup sump pump.
Vicinity of Green Meadow Cres in Welland
Years ago we fixed cracks in our basement walls and we still have water issues, it seems to come from where the floor meets the wall. No one installs french drains in my area. Don't know what to do about problem.
Vicinity of Parkway St in Welland
Leaky basement and the foundation on the back corner my garage has dropped a good 2 to 3 inches.
Vicinity of Silvan Drive in Welland
The north east corner of the basement has water coming in between the wall and the floor. It usually happens after a heavy rain or snow melt. It is not a lot of water, but it is annoying. The floor in this area is also starting to bubble/foam up.
Vicinity of Kilgour Ave. in Welland
I would like to know how much it would cost to finish our basement.Thanks,merv
Vicinity of Santone Ave in Welland
We purchased home 4 months ago. Building is approximately 55 years old. We found water pouring in last week - tore out basement kitchen and bathroom. There are two areas at the base of the block foundation that water is coming in and two areas that appear to be seeping. Mould damage has been quite severe. Looking to repair basement and rebuild what was torn out. PLEASE HELP!
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