Work Requests in Niagara Falls

Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Niagara Falls. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in Niagara Falls and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Niagara Falls, ON
Vicinity of Jordan Avenue in Niagara Falls
We seem to have a small foundation leak very low which noticed this morning. We have flood damage repairs scheduled for this week and hope to have this fixed asap so we can go ahead and have the basement repair complete.
Vicinity of Skinner St in Niagara Falls
Ive just acquired my fathers house, and come to notice a leak in the basement coming from outside. ive gutted the majority of the basement from water damage and want to fix it before it causes any more,
Vicinity of McGarry Drive in Niagara Falls
Water noted on concrete floor of partially finished basement. Water originates from bottom of outer gyprocked wall after overnight rainfall. Would like to schedule an appointment for your free estimate. Thanks.
Vicinity of in Niagara Falls
I have major cracks that run through my entire basement with water coming through.
Vicinity of Valiant Street in Niagara Falls
I have a bowing basement wall (about 20 foot length). It has moved inward enough to cause the I-Beam to project through the concrete. I was hoping to get a quote to do the wall anchoring system, along with crack repair and water proofing.
Vicinity of Arad St in Niagara Falls
We purchased this house last August (downsizing) and it is an older home. Floors are sloping and we wanted to redo the floors in the house but its all off. Looking to see if the cost is worth it to do this? thank you.
Vicinity of Yale Cres. in Niagara Falls
Our basement is essentially unfinished (house is circa 1960) we have experienced the odd wet floor at the front of the house and a lot of efflorescence through the floor at the rear. Between overhangs and concrete slabs abound the house exterior water proofing is not in the cards so we are looking to get the basement waterproofed from the inside. Also looking to disconnect the weepers from the sewer system and install a backflow preventer on the sanitary sewer line as part of the local utilities incentive program.
Vicinity of Simcoe Street in Niagara Falls
Water in basement...
Vicinity of Carman St in Niagara Falls
Sump pump is running frequently. Water was standing in the yard.
Vicinity of Fifth Ave in Niagara Falls
Small crawlspace with possible need to repair/replace main beam. also other possible structural issues. House is about 60-70 years old and was purchased by us 2 years ago. Inspection done at time of purchase and verbal inspection by structural engineer in 2017 indicated that main beam may be compromised so we need to investigate and repair...also may be some other issues that we cannot access. Thanks for your time.
Vicinity of Richmond Cres in Niagara Falls
Hi, I need my basement to be waterproof inside
Vicinity of Dominion Cres in Niagara Falls
Foundation issues
Vicinity of Sauterne Place in Niagara Falls
Small leak in foundation
Vicinity of Churchill Street in Niagara Falls
Floors are sagged
Vicinity of Willoughby Dr. in Niagara Falls
Recently purchases an older home...basement has several leaks coming from block wall as well as seeping through cement floor. Small internal trench around perimeter wall. Looking to have sump pump installed and determine what can be done to waterproof basement.
Vicinity of Rouseau Place in Niagara Falls
Had water in the basement after heavy rain last spring. Want to fix the damage but need to find the source of the water first.
Vicinity of Pettit Avenue in Niagara Falls
Our basement is letting on water and some dirt during heavy rainfalls through the old chimney trap.
Vicinity of Tallgrass Avenue in Niagara Falls
I have a hairline crack from basement floor to the window [6 feet in total]. Could you kindly provide a quote to have the crack sealed.
Vicinity of Sherwood Road in Niagara Falls
Small leak due to foundation crack suspected, but it is located under basement stairs (enclosed).
Vicinity of Nathan Crescent in Niagara Falls
The southwest corner of my foundation has sunk about 1" and 20 feet of the walls each way of the corner have crack due to the sinking.
Vicinity of Mcmicking St in Niagara Falls
I have a leak in the basemrnt I need fixed
Vicinity of Churchill Street in Niagara Falls
I have a small wartime house and my floor is dipping/sagging in the middle. I need to have it looked at to see if anything can be done for it.
Vicinity of in Niagara Falls
Vicinity of Dorchester Rd in Niagara Falls
Have a leaking block foundation , looking for an estimate, would have to be after 3:30 on a week day Thanks
Vicinity of Division St. in Niagara Falls
The sump pump in our basement is not working and we need for it to be working.
Vicinity of Woodland Blv in Niagara Falls
Looking for free estimate on waterproofing basement
Vicinity of Dunn Street in Niagara Falls
Wonder how much it cost to get basement waterproof
Vicinity of Third Avenue in Niagara Falls
Musty smell from non-vented crawlspace
Vicinity of Jupiter Blvd in Niagara Falls
FLOODED finished basement five times, we need professional help please.
Vicinity of Lionshead Avenue in Niagara Falls
Would like a back up sump pump
Vicinity of Roosevelt Street in Niagara Falls
Vicinity of St Michael Ave in Niagara Falls
My sump pump is not adequate to handle the flow of the recent heavy rain . I need a bigger more reliable unit .M53 or M98
Vicinity of Mars Crescent in Niagara Falls
Due to the recent heavy rains, we had water leaking in the basement from the wall dividing the attached garage to the house. We wish to have an estimate as to what repairs are necessary to permanently solve the problem. We only have this problem after lengthy heavy rainfalls. and always in thatsame 20 ft. wall area.
Vicinity of Locus Avenue in Niagara Falls
Basement leaks when we get HEAVY downpour of rain. We have an unfinished concrete floored basement with cinder block walls. Basement built in early 70's. Purchased house in 2002 and little or no floor cracks. Cracks have appeared and increased over the years and water bubbles in through the cinder block walls where they meet the floor. Only happens if we get very heavy downpour during season when ground is saturated. Had incident yesterday evening following the rain.
Vicinity of Frontenac Street in Niagara Falls
Leaky basement. Need free estimate please. Thanks
Vicinity of Whitedove Parkway in Niagara Falls
I have water issues in my basement, I would like someone to inspect and give me an idea of cost for repairs. Thank you
Vicinity of Pine Grove Ave. in Niagara Falls
Leaking water around edges of unfinished basement...100 year old house.
Vicinity of Heritage Drive in Niagara Falls
I have a 1000 sq ft bungalow and because townhouses behind me are above grade i get the water run off. it comes in left rear of the house funnels into laundry room and along the left side of my house. This really only happens when we experience a lot of rain
Vicinity of Green Ave in Niagara Falls
Have water seeping in one side of house throught block wall need to look at fixing
Vicinity of Emery St in Niagara Falls
Wet basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Homewood in Niagara Falls
Need to stop water coming thru block. Need weepers installed internally
Vicinity of Janet Crescent in Niagara Falls
We had water in our basement. Not a lot but enough to have to rip up flooring. I was not home when issue occurred and wife was not sure if it was washing machine issue or another issue as it was raining and the ground was frozen (potential run off). Before we have contractor redo floors I would like someone to check to see if we have an issue. Basement is finished but I am OK with putting a few holes in the walls if needed to take a proper look. Thanks Shawn
Vicinity of Beaver Valley Way in Niagara Falls
I have damp carpet and other obvious signs of moisture in a corner of a downstairs bedroom.
Vicinity of Marion Ave in Niagara Falls
Looking for free estimate on my basement and sump pump needs
Vicinity of Shannon Drive in Niagara Falls
Moving into house with existing sump pump. Do not know whether it has ever been serviced. Would like someone to come and take a look.
Vicinity of Drummond Road in Niagara Falls
I would like a quote to water proof one side of myour house which is about 920sqf
Vicinity of Ascot Circle in Niagara Falls
I would like an estimate on a sub pump system asap. Thanks.
Vicinity of McRae St. in Niagara Falls
Vicinity of Second Ave. in Niagara Falls
Vicinity of Cortina Crescent in Niagara Falls
Water leak in basement through foundation
Vicinity of Alpine Drive in Niagara Falls
Vicinity of Olden Ave in Niagara Falls
Leaky basement free estimate asap
Vicinity of Vine in Niagara Falls
I would like an estimate on basement waterproofing. Thanks
Vicinity of Cabot Drive in Niagara Falls
Water came in thru brick foundation, caused quite a bit of damage. Unsure where actual leak is
Vicinity of Churchill St in Niagara Falls
I would like foundation checked on my house.
Vicinity of Third Ave. in Niagara Falls
We need an esimate on waterproofing.
Vicinity of Keiffer Street in Niagara Falls
LEAKS WHEN RAINS would like free estimate
Vicinity of Barrett Cres in Niagara Falls
Sub pump not draining properly, we made need a new sub pumb pit, the water seems to be going behind the pit because dirt is coming in as well,
Vicinity of Culp Street in Niagara Falls
Moved into our home 1 year ago, basement had been leaking for several years (basement was finished when we bought it). We would like to have an estimate for a sump pump. Thanks! Ashley
Vicinity of Reixinger Road in Niagara Falls
I'm interested in having a good quality sump pump installed at my address. Also would like a price on the crawl space dehumidifier.
Vicinity of Alderbrae Crt in Niagara Falls
Efflorescence on interior cold cellar walls. Mositure control in the cold cellar
Vicinity of Montrose Road in Niagara Falls
Hello, I have a very gross, leaking basement. Its gotten worse over the last year. It leaks now everytime it rains or a large amount of snow melts
Vicinity of Huron St. in Niagara Falls
My basement is leaking especially after a heavy rain. Can I set up a time to get a free estimate and what is would entail? Thanks.
Vicinity of Pinedale Drive in Niagara Falls
We have some dampness on one side of the basement, and quite a bit of water on another side.
Vicinity of Montrose Road in Niagara Falls
The southwest corner of the house has some water getting into the foundation and into the basement apartment.
Vicinity of Mears Cres in Niagara Falls
Water coming in my basement quite a bit
Vicinity of Bambi Cresc. in Niagara Falls
Sump pump not working Also check damp window sill
Vicinity of Feren Drive in Niagara Falls
Hello, I seem to have water in my basement. 2 years ago we moved into a fairly new home (built in 2005). A few days ago we noticed our white baseboards in our basement were beginning to become brown and appeared wet. Today we looked in our cold cellar and noticed the roof was dripping with condensation and the ground appears very wet. There doesn't appear to be water in the basement, besides the baseboards (all around the room) being wet in spots. Please call to schedule a free estimate at your earliest convenience.
Vicinity of Hamilton Street in Niagara Falls
Walls all leak need wall and drain and sump basement size 29 ft x 24 ft wall are approx 6 ft high thanks
Vicinity of Mulhern St in Niagara Falls
Leaky basement only during heavy rainfalls
Vicinity of Ascot Circle in Niagara Falls
Considered that sump pump will over flow with power failure. would like info on back sump pump system.
Vicinity of Corwin Crescent in Niagara Falls
Water comes into the basement each time it rains or the snow melts.
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