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Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Port Colborne. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in Port Colborne and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Port Colborne, ON
Vicinity of Lena Cresent in Port Colborne
We want to refinish our basement but when we get heavy rain there is a small amount of water accumulation on the north side of our basement. We would like an estimate on the cost of repairing.
Vicinity of King in Port Colborne
Looking for quote on basement waterproofing
Vicinity of in Port Colborne
Hi I am looking at buying a house, which I got inspected. I was advised to get vapour barrier installed in the crawl space. I am wondering how much it would cost for doing it. Is there a ballpark Sq.Foot rate that I can use for estimation purposes ? Thanks in advance
Vicinity of Brady Street in Port Colborne
My Daughter's renatl house has a basement leak..Looks like it is coming from the wall and seeping down and onto the basement floor. The sump pump is about 15 or so feet away and luckly most of the water goes there. Can you give an estimate of what could be done.
Vicinity of in Port Colborne
I have a crawl space partially below grade that I am considering encapsulating. I would like to know if I could obtain an estimate. Do you service Port Colborne? Thanks, John
Vicinity of Tennessee Av in Port Colborne
The house has mostly crawlspace, there is a pit basement, where waterheater, furnace and current sump pump are. Had a flood while away, 2 inch water. Was enough to ruin the water heater.
Vicinity of Fares Street in Port Colborne
We have a very wet basement, the water seems to be coming in through the walls.
Vicinity of Homewood Ave in Port Colborne
Partially finished basement, have water coming in in two spots
Vicinity of Neff Street in Port Colborne
Dirt crawlspace under one section of the home, causing the pipes running under there to cool down, so there is little heat the gets to the living area above. Only one access to crawl space, which is in the main basement. I would like to keep the cold out of this area, and maybe prevent high gas bills iin the colder months.
Vicinity of Bell St in Port Colborne
The basement leaks water in the south east corner.
Vicinity of Wellington St. in Port Colborne
My basement leaks on two walls the other two seem fine. Leaks when it rains alot or lots of snow melts. Always in the same areas.
Vicinity of Sugarloaf St in Port Colborne
I have a wet basement,, had the interior drain installed about 20 yrs ago,, may need to be repair, or some else done
Vicinity of Kent Street in Port Colborne
When we get a heavy rain, the water comes up through cracks in our basement floor. We have concrete walls and concrete basement floor. We do not have a sump pump.......Water doesn't come through the walls.
Vicinity of Clare Ave in Port Colborne
When i have heavy rain i have water that comes in the one corner of my basement. it then slopes down to the rest of the basement.
Vicinity of Oakwood St. in Port Colborne
We bought a house in December 2007. The basement leaks when it rains or the snow melts. There is a crack on the outside of the house and condensation on my windows (all), ceilings, walls(bedrooms). House is 99 square feet, 3 bedrooms, small kitchen with side door & entrance to basement, living room with front door & bow window & small bathroom. Basement has rec room with gas fireplace & a bar, other part of basement has washer and dryer, laundry sink, sump, bathroom (toilet & sink), closet, hot water tank, furnace, central vac. I would prefer contact by e-mail.
Vicinity of Lakeshore Road East in Port Colborne
My house was built in the late 1920's with a very low basement ceiling. The floor is cracked in various parts of the basement and water comes up through the cracks as well as around certain parts of the perimeter of the basement. I have a sub pump which almost runs constantly. Do I need to have the exterior of the foundation dug up?
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