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Omni Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Thorold. Learn more about Omni Basement Systems's recent work requests in Thorold and nearby areas!

Learn more about Omni Basement Systems' recent work requests in Thorold, ON
Vicinity of Delaware Ave in Thorold
Older home, block foundation and have a section where small amount of moisture has come in base blocks. Paint flaking in this area of foundation.
Vicinity of Queen Street N in Thorold
I have a half basement/crawl space with existing support posts, but my floors are sagging down the middle of my house and, as described in your website, I have cracks in the walls and shifted window and door frames.
Vicinity of Parkdale Drive in Thorold
Residential basement. Unfinished concrete wall and floor. Slow water seepage from bottom of wall. Approximatley 15-20 feet of wall affected.
Vicinity of Carleton St. N in Thorold
I had a small mold issue and when lifting the carpet discovered rotted sub floor and damp areas on the concrete. Upon removal of some drywall discovered that the parging? was crumbling away from the interior of the foundation. There are also random wet spots in the middle of the room
Vicinity of Rose Ave in Thorold
I've got a leak in my finished basement, took out some of the drywall, appears to possibly be coming from a crack in the block foundation, but I'm certainly no expert. Email is always preferred, but feel free to call if you need to. Thanks!
Vicinity of St. Davids Rd in Thorold
Looking for a sump pump backup system - installed
Vicinity of Marlatts Road in Thorold
We are looking to install a battery back up onto our sump system. Can you please give me an estimate of what the cost would be Thank you Tanya
Vicinity of Davis Street in Thorold
We lose a lot of heat in the crawl space, and are interested in having it insulated with a vapour barrier put down. Not interested in having it encapsulated, just want to have warmer floors and lose less heat. Please contact me by email. Thank you.
Vicinity of Tupper Drive in Thorold
We have a crack in a basement wall in an area we are getting ready to renovate that needs repair. You we please have someone contact us for an estimate for repair. Thank you
Vicinity of Keefer Rd in Thorold
Water in basement bedroom. Appears to be coming in through foundation. Drywall,baseboard and carpet showing signs of moisture.
Vicinity of Sullivan Ave in Thorold
We are looking at buying a home, but we were wondering on the repair costs and if it would be worth it. 2 walls 45 feet 10 cinderblocks high. There are two structured supports to hold the wall up while trying to sell the home. I just need a rough estimate before I think about having an actual quote on the house.
Vicinity of Elgin Street in Thorold
My basement has been leaking, water coming up through the floor. I am looking at installing a sump pump system. Have one in now, but it was never properly installed. Is that something you do? Are you able to come out on a weekend (Saturday for an estimate) If so would like to schedule one probably end of April/beginning of May??? Please e-mail me as I am at work all day long.
Vicinity of Sullivan Ave in Thorold
When we bought the house the home inspector told us that the basement will eventually leak because our house has shifted were the chimney is and the water will eventually come in, well it has. We have cinder blocks, it is leaking in the laundry room,the water is coming in on the one side of the house from the driveway.If someone could email me and let me know if we can make an appointment for someone to come and look at it. Thank you
Vicinity of Morton St in Thorold
I have some large cracks in the foundation wall discovered when I removed some drywall. They run from window frame to floor, approx. 6 feet. In winter, when the ground is frozen and it rains (wonky weather), water will seep through cracks. Not major , but a pain nonetheless. It is the musty smell when the cold weather comes that drives my wife crazy. I want to use the space down there and not have everything 6 inshes off floor. Thanks, Ryan.
Vicinity of Regent St. in Thorold
My basement windows are right at ground level with no window wells. After a big rain, I have water on my floor.
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