Crawl Space Repair - Fixing and Insulating a Humid, Moldy Crawl Space in Ontario | Customer Testimonial

Tom B.'s home sat on a classic, dirt-floored, crawl space for over 60 years. The vented space was infested with insects and other critters. Even though there wasn't any standing water on the dirt floor, the moisture evaporating from the ground and the humidity coming in through the vents, caused mold problems that made his whole house smell musty. The lack of insulation was also increasing his energy bills. 

Tom saw an Omni Basement Systems ad in a local flyer and researched the company over the internet. He concluded that Omni was a reputable company and the crawl space solutions they were offering made sense. Tom called Omni. And from the sales process to completion, his experience couldn't have been better. 

His crawl space was sealed using the CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system. The CleanSpace system completely isolates the crawl space from the ground and outside air with an air tight sealed, 20mil poly liner. The space is then conditioned with a powerful dehumidifier to address condensation problems.

After the job was completed, Tom invited some friends over who had more crawlspace knowledge spaces than he did. They were all impressed with the results. They had never seen a cleaner, tidier and better insulated crawl space. 

Tom now enjoys a healthier, more comfortable and fresh smelling home with lower energy bills. 
Is your crawl space moldy, wet, smelly, and/or infested with pests? Do you or someone in your home suffer from allergy symptoms that seem to get worse indoors? Are your heating and cooling bills too high? The CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System can help you solve all of these problems, and it is only offered in the Greater Hamilton area by Ontario's authorized Basement Systems Dealer: your neighbors at Omni Basement Systems. Call today!

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