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The soil around your foundation expands when it is wet, and contracts when it is dry. When that soil is oversaturated with water, hydrostatic pressure builds up and pushes against the basement walls. The combination of hydrostatic pressure and soil movement can, over time, cause your basement walls to bow and lean inwards.

In the past, I-Beams and Concrete pilasters were used as an attempt to correct these problems, but they were proven ineffective and unsafe. Omni Basement Systems has a patented solution, specifically engineered to not only stabilize bowing basement walls, but it most cases, restore them to their original, straight position. 

Our state-of-the-art wall anchor systems use anchoring plates and rods to stabilize the walls and counter the pressure exerted by soil against the home's foundation. Our wall anchor systems can be installed with minimal disruption to the inside or outside of your home. The wall anchoring process is recognized by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as the most effective method to repair bowing basement walls. 

Have a wet basement or foundation problem? Trust Ontario's premier basement waterproofing and foundation repair company! Omni Basement Systems provides wet basement waterproofing, wet crawl space repair, and foundation repair in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener, St Catharines, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford, Niagara Falls, Milton, Waterloo, Welland, Stoney Creek, Georgetown, Dundas, Grimsby, Ancaster and nearby areas.

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