Customer Testimonial from John H. in Simcoe, ON

This was the second time we had Omni come in to solve our basement water problem. Five years ago we had them in to treat 3/4 of our basement we could get access to. That experience was so good that we called them on very short notice to do the same to the remaining 1/4 of the foundation we now had access to. The first job was to treat a serious leaking foundation issue. The second was a lesser issue but still one. The amazing part is that Omni was able to quickly respond to the most recent issue. The work was done within a day. Our basement has been dry ever since they did their work 5 years ago. We are very pleased and would heartily recommend them. Good, clean, caring and professional service.
- John H. of Simcoe, ON
Wednesday, October 19th

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