Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Tight Crawlspace in Crystal Beach, ON

Michelle has a Crawlspace cottage in Crystal Beach. THe crawlspace was too tight to go into and do any work. Omni asked Michelle to open up the entire floor to have the work done. Once the plank flooring and the subfloor was removed, Omni came in and encapsulated and Insulated the crawlspace with Cleanspace 20mil liner. 
Michelle was very happy. 

Best Waterproofing in Sherkston

Best Waterproofing in Sherkston

Fort Erie Crawlspace Makeover

We had an elderly lady call us about water in her crawlspace. As you can see it was quite a mess down there.

Omni cleaned it up and installed our SuperSump along with our Drainage Matting and 1000 feet of CleanSpace Liner.



Crawl Space Encapsulation In Fort Erie, ON

A customer if Fort Erie called us because she was worried about the constant dampness under her home. This looks like a brand new crawlspace after our crew installed CleanSpace line, a SmartSump, and Smart Jacks. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation In Lowbanks, ON

The work our team did on this crawlspace included a full vapor barrier and not only made it look so much better, but also made the home a much healthier and safer place to live! 

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