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Lifetime Transferable Warranty on the WaterGuard® Basement Drainage System

Let's talk about why right now is the best time to have your basement waterproofed. For starters, you're going to beat the busiest time of the year, "The Spring Thaw" when everyone's frantically looking to get the work done! Also, let's not forget that Omni has affordable options for paying for the work with low monthly payments. See our EasyPay program.

The warranty that comes with the WaterGuard® Basement Drainage System is phenomenal. It's nationally backed by the Connecticut office in the States. It's completely transferable to the new homeowner if you sell the home and is guaranteed for life. So, as long as the home is standing you will have a DRY BASEMENT!

Omni Basement Systems encourages customers to check out the website and to read customer testimonials. As always, please feel free to come down to the office and have a look at Omni's lovely showroom.

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Save Money by Having Your Basement Repaired by Omni Basement Systems

Omni Basement Systems belongs to the largest network of waterproofers in the world; they also have some of the best and many innovative products and systems to help with your basement problems! One great thing about them is that they're a one stop shop. They do it all, from waterproofing to foundation repair; from repairing a little wall crack to installing a full perimeter basement waterproofing system. They have you covered.

They don't want you to be discouraged by thinking that it's going to be a big dragged out process to repair your basement, when in fact you will be surprised at how quickly they can provide a solution for you. Now, of course, it depends on the size of the basement, but its amazing how quickly (about 1-3 days) they can have your basement waterproofed. As for a mess, there are no worries because all of their installers are trained professionals at Omni Basement Systems, so there are no outside contractors. They keep the dust to a minimum, and when they're done they will take away all the debris leaving your basement clean.

Omni Basement Systems wants their customers to be educated and they are completely upfront with everyone. They provide value to their customers and totally back all of their products. If superior service, value, and professionalism are important to you, then Omni Basement Systems is the right choice. Give them a call at 1-833-681-1822 and one of the ladies in the office will be happy to set you up with a Free Estimate.

New Employment Opportunities at Omni Basement Systems

Pete Karreman, owner of Omni Basement Systems, was recently in Las Vegas at the World of Concrete, which is the largest construction show in the world. He was enrolled into a 3 day course for waterproofing, structural repair, crawl space repair, and foundation repair. Pete says, "As a contractor I need to be on top of my game so we can continue to be the best."

Speaking of the best, Omni is currently looking to recruit the best Sales Manager, Sales Representatives and Customer Service Representatives to add to their already exceptional team. Pete suggests checking out the website to see what they're all about, and to learn more about them. Check out the job opportunity section of the website.

Pete says, "We are looking for the best candidates out there; we are going to be picky because we are a great company to work for with lots of opportunities for advancement and benefits. So, bring it on. We would love to hear from you!"

Early Warning Signs That Your Basement Foundation is Leaking

If you think that you may have a water issue in your basement, there are certain signs to watch out for. One thing to look for is darkness towards the bottom of the basement walls. This is usually a sign that the walls are damp, which could indicate a water issue. If you see a white, chalky substance along the walls (also typically found along the bottom) that's usually a sign that water is penetrating through. If you have concrete floor cracks, this could imply that there is moisture underneath the floor pushing upward (causing cracks).

All of these signs indicate that you could have a moisture problem! One issue with this is that moisture problems can cause mold. If you or anyone you live with has any kind of breathing problem such as asthma or bronchitis, mold can easily aggravate that and cause health issues. It's also important to realize that even if you only see mold in your basement, spores can come off of the wall and get into your HVAC system. When this happens, it essentially spreads the spores throughout your house, and you breathe them in.

Now is the perfect time to book an appointment to have Omni Basement Systems come to your house and do an inspection.

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