New Construction Waterproofing in Hamilton, Ontario

New Constructions

Wet basements are a problem in new and old homes alike. They are particularly troublesome because of all the damage that can result to a homeowner's belongings, and the solutions can be disruptive and expensive.

Now there is a solution for new home builders that is easy, inexpensive, and warrantied for 20 years!


CactusBoard floor edging is a unique L shaped molding that forms a space between the edge of the basement floor and the wall, and across the footing. This space allows all the water from the perimeter and the walls to drain down into the stone aggregate under the floor, which is drained by a sump or footing drains.

Installing CactusBoard

CactusBoard is the only product that can ensure the floor stays dry regardless of what happens with the walls or footing drains. Just keep the stone bed under the floor drained, and your basement remains dry forever!

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