Sump Pump Warning Signs in Ontario

Sump pumps are like pinch hitters in baseball. They are not called upon often but when they are, they must perform. A single failure can result in costly water damage to your basement and to any items you store in it. In addition, flooding can damage or destroy mechanicals, such as water heaters and furnaces. Here are some of the most common warning signs that signal a serious sump pump problem.

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A sump that runs continuously may have any number of problems, our techs will check your pump for any problem

Pump runs continuously

A sump pump that runs continuously can signal any number of problems either with the pump and its components, the discharge line, or the installation itself. Impellor vanes may be broken or eroded. The discharge line may be frozen, clogged, broken or no longer tightly connected to the pump. The pit and basin may be too large or too deep. Ask one of our expert technicians to help you find the culprit.

Our technician's will check for problems and service your pump so it's ready when you need it

Pump has stopped working

Many things can cause a pump to stop working. You can handle simple problems yourself, like a tripped circuit breaker, an electrical supply cord that has mistakenly been pulled from the receptacle, and a switch that has jammed. Our technician will check for other problems and service your pump so it's ready to go when you need it.

Installation problems may cause your sump pump to turn on and off

Frequent on-off cycling

This may be due to an installation problem, such as a sump pit that's too small. Or it may require a simple adjustment. Regardless, the problem should be addressed because a pump that turns on and off frequently is likely to fail sooner.

Installing your sump pump in the lowest spot of the floor will help eliminate water

Wet areas despite pumping

Sump pumps are most effective at removing water from under your basement floor when located in the lowest spot of the floor. Your certified waterproofing specialist will determine where that spot is by using a laser level. If the sump cannot be located in the low spot, a PVC feed line should be run through the floor from the low spot to the sump pump location.

Odors can be eliminated with an airtight lid

Odors and humidity

An airtight sump pump lid, including rubber grommets around all pipes and wires, keeps odors and humidity from rising out of the sump pit and reduces noise. Lids also prevent items and debris from falling in – and people from tripping in the open hole.

Avoid frozen lines with Ice Guard

Discharge line freezes

In frigid weather, the discharge line may freeze and become blocked by ice, in which case it will no longer drain water from the basement. With our system, however, Basement System’s patented IceGuard® anti-freeze device automatically allows water to continue to escape from the discharge line to the outside.

Odors can be eliminated with an airtight lid

Pump gets overwhelmed

If you have a secondary pump installed in the pit, an additional discharge line will be installed. This prevents the pipes from being overwhelmed and ensures the pumps won't pump back and forth between each other. Discharge lines should never be tied together on the inside of your home!

Odors can be eliminated with an airtight lid

Pump loses power

A circuit breaker may trip, a plug may be accidentally pulled, or the entire neighborhood may lose power. Regardless of the reason, an auxiliary battery-powered back-up sump pump will continue to function for many hours or days, depending upon demand.

Improper Sump Pump Discharge Line in Hamilton, Ontario

Improper Sump Discharge Lines

Discharge water from sump pumps should be pumped to the outside of the home rather than into a sanitary sewer as shown here. This is a disaster waiting to happen, and it is definitely against code.




Choose a cast-iron sump pump. Unlike plastic pumps that often overheat and fail, cast-iron pumps transfer heat from the motor casing to the water outside. This naturally cools the sump pump motor during operation and helps the pump last longer.


Do not rely on the advice of any individual or company that is not a true dedicated basement waterproofing specialist.

Install a water alarm to let you know the pump has failed or is overwhelmed and there is flooding.


Do not allow debris to build up in the sump pit.

Consider installing a secondary pump and a battery back-up pump. The secondary pump will take over if your primary pump fails. The battery back-up pump switches on if the system loses power.


Do not install a sump liner or basin that's too large or too small.

Wherever possible include drainage to alleviate basement or crawl space water pressure as part of your solution.


Do not install a sump liner that does not come with a tight-fitting lid.

Choose a basement waterproofing company that offers annual service and maintenance of your system for a reasonable fee.


Do not install sump pumps so they rest on the bottom of the sump basin or liner. Instead, raise them on stands to keep them away from silt and sediment at the bottom of the liner.


We Install Efficient, Reliable Sump Pumps

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