New Sump System in Burlington, ON

Damon & Samantha wanted to upgrade their existing Sump pump system in their Burlington, On home. Currently they had a concrete pit that was poured when the house was originally built. 

There are two problems with the original pit. 1. the liner is made out of concrete and does not allow water from under the floor get into the sump pit which may cause problems of moisture under the floor. 
2. The sump is not covered with an Airtight lid that can emit moisture from the sump pit to evaporate into the basement air and cause un-necessary dampness.
Omni basement Systems installed the SuperSump sump pump system. This System features a perforated liner to allow water from under the floor to weep into the pit, and it features an airtight lid that does not allow moisture out. m
Also this system features the incredible Zoeller M53 pump and a high water watch alarm built right in. 

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