Sump Pump replacement in, Stoney Creek, ON

Builder Sump pumps are not always the best. Not only they typically have insufficient pumps, but the lids are not airtight, and this allows moisture into your basement. Add to that, they are generally ugly. They don't usually come with any sort of back-up system either in case of a power outage or pump failure.
Omni Basement Systems' SuperSump addresses all these issues. They have airtight, easy to open, 2-piece lids, they are not an eyesore in your floor and they feature the incredible Zoeller cast iron, submersible pump.  This system includes our UltraSump battery back-up system which comes with a second pump, very large power cell and a charger for the power cell. The charger also comes with a data port that a home alarm system could possibly be plugged into if the home owner desires. 

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