Foundation Repair Before & After Photos

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Floor support in a Ridgeway, On crawlspace

Derek has a crawlspace in Ridgeway, ON. The floor is soft in places and un-level as well. Omni Basement Systems installed the galvanized Smartjacks and a supplemental beam to support the floor. The current supports were merely blocks that had been shimmed a multiple of times. 

Repair Sagging floors in Welland, On

DonnaM in Welland has a house with a crawlspace. Donna noticed that the floors were getting out of level and had concerns for the safety of her home. The piers in the house were sinking and were not adjustable. 
Keith recommended add SmartJacks by Supportworks. Three Smartjacks were placed under the main beam of the house. The SmartJacks are fully galvanized and cannot rust. They are also fully adjustable in the case that further adjustments are required. 
Omni also removed debris and insulation to prepare for sprayfoam that is coming the following week. 

Wall support in Niagara Falls, ON

Bob has a house in  Niagara Falls, ON with a very large crack in the poured concrete foundation.  The size and the angle of the crack determined that the wall was tipping in and needed to be supported. Along with waterproofing, Omni Basement Systems installed PowerBraces to support the wall. PowerBraces are fully galvanized "I" beams that are bolted to the footing and then a specially designed bracket designed by Supportworks connect it to the floor joist system. There is a large adjustment bolt so that a bowing or tipping wall can be put back in place over time. 

Settling foundation in St. Catharines

Brian experince foundation settllement in his St catharines house. It was getting worse over the past couple years so he called Omi Basement Systems to see how it could be repaired. 

Omni along with a P. Eng engineer came up with a plan for Supportwoks Push Pier System. 

Pictured is the crack that formed at the corner of the window. 


Supplemental Beam with house jacks in St. Catharines, ON

Lisa S. had sagging floors in her St.Catharines home and wanted to add a support beam to secure her sagging floors. 
Omni Basement Systems installed the SmartJacks by Supportworks. Smartjacks are engineered, fully galvanized and adjustable house jacks. Combined with a supplemental support beam, Omni was able to support her floor properly. 

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